One Born Every Minute – What happened next…?

At the very start of the year we ran a series of blog posts and prompts to run alongside Channel 4’s hugely successful One Born Every Minute series. Heather Francesca, one of the women featured on the show wrote a great post for us and now that she’s back in the follow up programme ‘One Born Every Minute – What happened next?’ she’s been kind enough to come back and tell us what the past year has been like. It’s been a year of highs and lows for Heather as she’ll tell you now.


It’s been a crazy year so far! it’s was just over a year since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Eivissa and as some of you may have seen I did this on national tv on the show ‘one born every minute.’ It was such a great experience getting to share my birth with 6 million people and when the producers called to say they would love film us for a follow up show we jumped at the chance.

So, next thing we knew the cameras were following our every move, they wanted to capture our lives and how we have adjusted to becoming parents. One of the things they wanted to document was the pregnancy of our second child.

As our 12 week scan approached, we met with the series producer, Grace and decided it would be a great idea for them to film it, so on the morning of the scan we met for a quick briefing and off we went to the Leeds General Infirmary.

The sonographer called us into the room and the cameras started rolling, as I lay there with Danny beside me holding my hand, I began to feel how lucky I was and how truly thankful I am that I get to be in this position again.
The gel went on and as she began the ultrasound I could tell by the look on the nurses face that something was wrong, at first I dismissed it but then I saw the look on Danny’s face, that’s when I knew something was really wrong, the news every mother fears and dreads was spoken to me for the first time, we had sadly lost our little baby, devastated doesn’t come close to the pain we felt in that moment, our whole life felt completely dull and numb, all our planning and excitement of our family growing was now shattered and there was nothing we could do to change that, the only thing we could do was change our attitude in that situation.
To us, it wasn’t a cell, it wasn’t just a thing in my tummy, it was a baby, a son or daughter, a future husband or wife, who would have known what he or she would have gone on to do in life, I felt robbed, broken and hurt that this happened, why me i asked? What have I done to deserve this? Thankfully Danny was there as my rock, he really showed me that bad things happen to good people and that this experience should not be something that we can take and turn around for something good. He was right, what happened was heart wrenching but i had to deal with it the best way I knew how, to get some good out of this bad experience, to use what I had been through to help others dealing with the loss of an unborn child.

As always I’m not going to let past hurts determine my future and hopefully this can strike a chord with others, I know what happened to me happens to women up and down the country every single day and the fact is, its ok to grieve, it’s ok to be sad but don’t let that stop you from been positive and remain happy in all circumstances.

I had to take all my emotion and channel it into something good and that’s when we came up with the idea for a clothing collection dedicated to our child and to name it Baby Friday as this was the day when we found out.

So the work began, designing, sampling, photo shoots and websites have been keeping us ultra busy and it’s been great to have all this on camera, in fact the camera crew became like extended family and when  we took a trip to ibiza they decided to come along and film it!
So to sum up the last year I can say it’s been memorable for some of the best highs but also some of the worst lows but all in all I’m just thankful that we get to do our version of life as a happy family. We’re very blessed to have a great marriage and happy home that our daughter gets to grow up in, its these simple things that make life so precious and our hurts have taught us to enjoy every single moment. 

I hope you have enjoyed following our lives and seeing what were up to, I’m really glad we get to share it with you and perhaps give a different perspective of parenthood.

Heather Francesca
Twitter; heatherfrancesc

Heather and Danny’s episode airs on Weds 28th Nov at 10pm on More4

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  1. Hannah says:

    What a lovely blog post. I’m so sorry for your loss but I admire the strength you both show and what a beautiful idea to make a clothing range too. Thank you for sharing can’t wait to watch the show tomorrow xxx

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