Spas, spoons and Santa – the Netmums Great Escape

Last weekend Team Netmums packed their bags, kissed the kids and their other halves goodbye and made their way across land and sea to a cottage in Derbyshire for the annual weekend team get together. As you know Netmums has an unusual work set-up in that most of us work remotely – working from home, using email and Skype to hold meetings and keep up with the day to day business of running the site. Because of this it is always extra special when the whole Team comes together to meet.

We’re so used to seeing each others heads and the top of our bodies on Skype video calls that it is actually quite a novelty for us to see each others legs!

We all had a lovely time. A weekend of chat and laughter, spa pampering sessions, fiercely competitive games of Spoons and Sardines and even Christmas day with all the trimmings. As promised here are a few snaps to give you a peek into our weekend.  We apologise now for the lack of good quality photos – our photography mad team member Jacqui didn’t make it this year and it was so relaxing that only a handful of us managed to stretch out an arm to take a snap on our phone! We had packed cameras but they stayed in our overnight bags as were having too much fun and doing lots of relaxing…

Dreams of a roaring log fire were dashed when it was discovered that a dried flower arrangement stood in place of the grate in the large fireplace. Ever resourceful Team Netmums turned the dodgy display into a makeshift Christmas tree and the Secret Santa gifts looked festive piled underneath, waiting to be unwrapped.

Here we are enjoying a few pre-dinner cocktails all dressed in our ‘best frocks’ for the occasion!

The lovely Nic (above) organises the team every year, booking the cottages, planning the menu, buying the food and generally getting us all organised. Here she is mid Christmas cracker ready to put her well earned paper crown on.

And of course whenever we travel we take along our very own bloke in a pinny to do all the cooking and washing up! Brave man. He did manage to win the grand ‘Spoons’ finale though!

We were going to end with a final picture of the whole team together but they all came out blurry – a bit too much Christmas spirit perhaps?

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