How to build the perfect snowman

We have got some top tips on how to build a perfect snowman from master snow sculptor Duncan Hamilton from Hamilton ice sculptures


How to build the perfect snowman – Duncan Hamilton

The traditional way to build a snowman is to pack snow together by hand, roll it to form balls and pat snow on to the surface to make the shape.

This is quite limiting in terms of design and is not how the pros do it! To make a really strong snowman with lots of extra detail, why not try the following tips. But make sure you get a grown up to help you!

  • Get four equal sized sheets of wood. Arrange them to make a box with an open top and run a strong rope around them to keep them steady.
  • Now shovel fresh snow into the box.
  • Stamp or push it down carefully to compact it and carry on until you have filled the whole box.
  • Leave it to stand for at least a couple of hours.
  • Now remove the rope and the sheets of wood to reveal a perfectly compacted block of snow.
  • You are now ready to carve your snow. Use any tools you have to hand – knives, saws, even spoons. You should find the snow quite easy to sculpt.
  • Think carefully about your design and make sure that it is heavy at the base to prevent it collapsing or falling over.
  • Be ambitious and have a good time!

Another idea…

In cold weather leave a tray with 1cm of water in it outside overnight to freeze. In the morning break the frozen sheets of ice up into bits and drill a small hole in each one, run string through the hole, then hang them from a tree to make a hanging ice installation.

Some facts:

  • Compacted snow has approx 1/2 the density of water, so a 1m cube will weigh about 500kg.
  • Snow melts more slowly than ice
  • You can easily colour snow with food colouring and add it in layers to get different effects
  • Michelangelo is reported to have sculpted Hercules in snow in Florence one winter for the Medicis

Advice from Duncan Hamilton of Hamilton Ice Sculptors


If you make a snow man, snowdog, igloo or other sculpture we would love to see it. Please add your photos to your local Netmums gallery (You could even win Β£100 if you post yours up before Feb 28th 2013). To get further inspiration check out the brilliant snowmen and snow sculptures sent in by our members already – they are amazing! And for the perfect guide to a snowy day check out the ideas on our Pinterest page – everything from making snow paint to making snow marbles and ideas for ways to warm up your tums after a chilly day in the snow.

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160 Responses to How to build the perfect snowman

  1. Karen says:

    The thing I love most about snow is getting really cold and wet, then being able to go inside and warm up with a log fire and hot chocolate.

    • Karen says:

      I still find when it snows the mst exciting time of the year, it reminds me of snow days in school and Chrstmas, I can’t wait for my baby to experience the snow and hope he finds it as magical as I always have!

      • Becky says:

        I love to walk through the snow while its falling..looking up and feeling the flakes fall on my face…snow is magical!

  2. Helen says:

    I would love to win a copy!

  3. katie walters says:

    doing snow angels

  4. Mummy Velvet says:

    We love The Snowman here. I used to watch is a young child and have now got my little boy into it aswell. We bought a singing snowman last year and this year were planning on finding a snow globe. Brilliant competition!!

  5. Emma Miller says:

    I love waking up after a night of it snowing heavy and seeing it untouched, everywhere under a thick blanket of snow…………but then I love building snowmen and having a snowball fight with my sons too so it don’t stay like that for long!

  6. Mary Ballard says:

    Snow makes everything look pretty!

  7. sarah wycherley says:

    I love making snow angels it snowed when I was pregnant with twins and I was desperate to make a snow angel but didn’t think I’d .be able to get back upxx

  8. charlene lockhart says:

    what i love the most about snow – By Charlene Lockhart

    Each year i wait in anticipation for that first flake
    If it snows this year it really will be the icing on the cake
    I wake up early just in case
    the snow has arrived theres no time to waste
    I rush outside like a little child
    why does snow make me so wild?
    Is it the beauty or the fun things we can do
    i dont think so its because it reminds me of you
    My wonderful mum has made my life so full of joy
    especially at christmas time, it’s not about the toys
    Its about being together and making the most
    of every flake, every drop then warming up with our christmas roast!

  9. anne bell says:

    I remember watching this when it first came out and feeling awestruck then, would love to be able to share the magic iwith my son now 30 yrs later, x

  10. Emma Louise says:

    That its so magical and everything is so quiet and peaceful. Then the fun in the snow with your littlies and adults! is priceless x

  11. Carolyn Sharp says:

    it’s a dogs’ summer!

  12. Shakila Ahmed says:

    Love the snow for the fact it feels all christmasy and the excitement on my sons (4 year old) face when we play with the snow. πŸ™‚ Hate it when you are stuck indoors!

  13. Natasha Shaw says:

    I love making footprints in freshly fallen snow

  14. kate says:

    I grew up in Cornwall and it rarely snowed. Now, I live further north and we get some snow each year. I just love looking at the fresh fallen snow, first thing in the morning, before anyone has left footprints – it’s so perfect and white!

  15. Katy Hewson says:

    My fave film ever!!!!! I wore out my video of it and my old DVD version is looking a bit tatty now!!!! Would love to win!!! Xx

  16. Kate Wood says:

    What a lovely idea with the hanging ice decorations! Lets hope for some snow this year πŸ™‚

  17. Janine Beal says:

    how nice it looks on the rooftops when you’re all snug in front of a cosy fire.

  18. Ruth Dalton says:

    My family and I have had a really tough time over the last 12 months and this Christmas, I have decided to try and make it an enjoyable time for everyone, despite what we have all gone through! I have done a list of things that we can all do as a family to help ease the stress and heartache and one of the things on the list is to watch The Snowman – which will be the first time ever for me and my son!

  19. Donna Ellis says:

    I love the snow when it falls at night, so peaceful and when you open your curtains in the morning you see all the gardens untouched covered in a white blanket.

  20. Ruhi Zakiah says:

    This film is so close to my heart. It takes me back to my more innocent days Where everything was so simple and beautiful.

  21. Danielle Stratfull says:

    Love the snowman a vital piece of my childhood which i will be passing into my son this year πŸ™‚

  22. Sarah glover says:

    Love the snowman I shall be humming the tune all day now :0)

  23. lisa iveson says:

    the smile on my kids face = priceless

  24. Danielle Stratfull says:

    Love having snowball fights with the whole family

  25. Ruth Dalton says:

    The best thing about the snow for me is seeing the look of amazement on my son’s face when he sees it changing the garden to a pure white winter wonderland and to hear him laughing at the scrunching sounds his wheelchair makes as I push him round the garden!

  26. Mulled wine when you come in cold after playing all day, its dark and the christmas lights are on.

  27. Everything! The way it makes everything almost sound proofed! The way it looks like a million tiny diamonds in the sunlight! The way it crunches underfoot! The tell tale signs of footprints to say whose been! The snow Angels! The possible day off work or school to go sledging down the big hill! just EVERYTHING! πŸ™‚

  28. Tammy says:

    we would love to win it….snowball fights are the best

  29. Naim Roseby says:

    this is my sons first Xmas I can’t wait to watch it with him

  30. louise says:

    As a child, I loved that magical, shivery feeling when my mum roused me from sleep whispering ‘it’s snowed’. Then pulling back the curtains to see it. I still feel that magic now and love absorbing that special quietness that seems to accompany a fresh snow morning. Just for a few seconds before adult reality now hits: ‘Argh, do we have enough bread and milk?!’

  31. Tilly says:

    We love having snowball fights, going on a walk and making snow angels and building snowmen with our girls (3&5 yrs). Then we all go in for a cake and hot chocolate and watch a film just like this. One of my all time favourites since I was little and now my girls love it too. One of the best, most magical films of all time!

  32. andrea dixon says:

    I hate the fact snow doesn’t last long! Love taking my two kids and dog out in it, taking them sledging and building a snowman πŸ˜‰

  33. This is one of my son’s favourite films but our copy is now scratched., he’s watched it so often. What I love most about the snow is the way it reflects the sunlight and everything seems bright, still and calm. It brings peace because there is little traffic and when you meet everyone out walking, we’re all smiling and happy at the novelty of it all.

  34. cheryl says:

    I love the snowman film, it was always a must as a child at christmas and tradition has continued with my children, also the fact the snowman was released the christmas just before I was born so was 9 months old the 1st time I saw it as it reached the grand age of 1. Usless info my mum told me.

    My two girls also love this film as well as loving the real snow too and building there own magical snowmen.

  35. Caroline says:

    My husband loved this film as a child so now when it is on tv we sit with our boys and watch it. This film really makes feel like christmas is here. My oldest sons favourite clip is when they meet father christmas. Would be great to win a copy of the remastered dvd so we can watch it again and again!

  36. samantha Morgan says:

    Hate getting snowed in every year,then our family and friends can’t visit either.Great to start with but novelty soon wears off!

  37. TRACY CAIRNS says:

    OMG – 30 years old.. I remember seeing it for the 1st time and sat in amazement and cried. Its such a heatwarming, freindship building and emotional tale. My little Boy (6) & Girl (3) would love to see this. Secretly, Mammy would too ;o)

  38. Natasha Jones says:

    I loved this film when I was younger and would love to share it with my two daughters this Christmas too – just magical!!!

  39. Victoria Barker says:

    My favourite ‘snow memory’ from last year was waking up hearing excited squeals from my daughters bedroom as she realised it had been snowing… we both got dressed as quick as we could, hats, scarfs and wellies on and straight out into the garden to get building our snow lady!
    Brilliant times…

  40. Jina says:

    I’m walking in the air….:)
    Would be lovely to share my childhood memory with my daughter πŸ™‚

  41. kira thorpe says:

    The Silence snow brings……. a peaceful country road untouched. Night time comes, the moon shines and the world seems more precious

  42. Nicola Brown says:

    I watched this as a child and now i watch it with my children when it is on the tv at Christmas, love it.

  43. Sarah says:

    Ahhh The Snowman every year i look forward to it. My childhood memories come flooding back of myself and my big sis acting out the parts of the snowman to the music we used to fight over who would be The snowman every year. Truly magical! I love the music as it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and totally captures Christmas for me. My fave part of the film has to be when the snowman is dancing with the little boy after opening the jewellery box lid makes me smile still. πŸ™‚ and i still shed a tear at the end. Can’t wait to share with my 2 year old little boy as it should be a part of every childhood Christmas.

  44. Crunching through the untouched layer of snow, and seeing how excited my little boy gets about it.

  45. sharon holt says:

    this reminds me of christmas when i was a child ,i love watching it now with my children πŸ™‚

  46. Debbie Burfoot says:

    building snowmen with my kids then having a massive snowball fight…then a film, duvet and hot chocolate and marshmallows

  47. Cora says:

    My daughter is nearly two and i can’t wait for it to snow so we can play out and build a snowman then get warm by the fire after with a yummy hot chocolate.
    I was 5 years old when the film came out – and i watched it over and over and over again! i just loved how magical it was, and the music made it so special… i would love to win this so my daughter can have that magical feeling like i did.

  48. hazel pearson says:

    The thing I love most is when it starts to snow everything goes so quiet – no birds, no traffic, just total quiet – and then when you look out the window it all looks so magical! The snow brings the child out in everyone I think!:o)

  49. Jenni Gigg says:

    Love Christmas so much and this is one of the first Christmas films i saw! love it! :o)

  50. Steph Taylor says:

    Love playing in the snow with my son n having snowball fights, seeing his face light up as he watches it fall and is trying to catch it. Hate it when I have to go to work n get stuck in traffic coz of it!!

  51. Tracy McWhinnie says:

    Christmas isn’t complete without watching the snowman. One year it wasn’t on and I was gutted. The best thing about the snow is hearing the crunch under your feet as you step outside. My 2 year old hasn’t really experienced snow yet so I am hoping for snow this year. I can’t wait to see his face as he is pulled along on a sledge

  52. Marie Tanton says:

    I love the way snow makes everything look beautiful!

  53. Milly says:

    Got to be one of the best bits about Christmas! Even my macho ex boyfriend admitted to watching it, on his own, every year with a lump in his throat! It will never grow old, I would love a copy for my two little girls who I hope will find it makes their Christmases as magical as it did mine!

  54. Milly says:

    and got so carried away with the film I forgot about the snow! What’s best about snow? Snowmen of course! Can’t beat watching it fall from the window though infront of an open fire x

  55. Louise Corson says:

    Best Christmas film ever! πŸ™‚

  56. Sarah says:

    When the snow first falls and is untouched – it transforms this busy world to a bygone era and brings back a bit of magic that is usually only for children, but adults and children alike are united by the tingly feeling it gives you when you first see it and you just don’t want anyone to spoil it with big footprints and tyre marks. I would absolutely love for my children to wake up on Christmas morning with a layer of snow on the ground – could there be anything more special πŸ™‚

  57. Ellie White says:

    I have grown up watching The Snowman and now my own little girl has just turned two, I can’t wait to sit down this Christmas and watch it with her.

  58. Nicola says:

    I love the snow for making my son happy! He loves to make snow angels & to throw snowballs at us! Seeing his face light up when he sees it is amazing! My youngest is only 13 months & has never seen snow, so I’m crossing my fingers for a white Christmas πŸ™‚

  59. Nicola Grindrod says:

    Love waking up to a snowy garden with little footprints in it from the birds.
    Love the snowballs, sledging and snowmen.
    Don’t like the chaos is causes!!
    More good than bad πŸ™‚

  60. Julie says:

    Love it! πŸ™‚

  61. Angie says:

    I love the silence that follows snowfall, the thick blanket creating a sort of hush of awe at the magical snow fall, invariably followed by shrieks of delight in our house when my child wakes

  62. Sharon says:

    That first fall of snow feels like a comforting fluffy blanketgently swirling around, leaving no choice but to call off work, settle down to a nice kiddie movie and a steaming cup of hot chocolate, remembering what it felt like to be a child and full of wonder and joy at all that is Christmassy. Ahhhhhhhh . . .thats better . . .

  63. Claire says:

    Last year was the first year my daughter was old enough to build a snowman. I loved watching my husband and daughter spend a magical afternoon building their first snowman together. This year I hope my son will be walking (he’s 21months) so that he can join his sister and Daddy in the garden having that special magical time together.

  64. shahida says:

    I love the snow- its great abit of fun keeping kids entertained whilst making a snowman. In our house its tradition to watch this film because you know its christmas!!

  65. KELLIE says:


  66. Hayley says:

    Love pulling the children in the sledge, but not slipping over! I read a good tip that I plan to do this year – fill squirty bottles with coloured water and make pictures in the snow with it.

  67. sophie dodman says:

    my favourite thing about the snow is seeing my daughters face light up when she sees that it has snowed!

  68. Julia Walker says:

    I love being able to act like a kid and get away with it! I love walking in the freshly fallen snow in the dead of night when everyone else is tucked up in bed, I love how snow makes the air quiet and normal life come to a halt for a few days. I love how snow brings out the best in the community, when people help dig out their neighbours cars and check on elderly neighbours.
    I hate how the snow makes people greedy and selfish in the supermarkets

  69. pamela duncan says:

    I remember watching this film with my brother when I was little and now my daughter shares the same love for the film. I love the snow, we live in a high rise building so dont have a garden but when it snows i love taking my little girl to the park and we make snowmen and have a snowball fight, make snow angels. Snow is about Christmas and Christmas is about magic. I love newly laid snow and the crispy noise it makes under my feet.

  70. Jill Alldridge says:

    I love waking up to that muffled sound which tells you it’s snowed overnight, then wrapping up warm and stepping out into the snow. I adore that crunching sound when you step onto freshly fallen snow.

  71. Liz Campbell says:

    I love the snow because it makes even the most normal, everyday place look magical. Everything looks clean and sparkly. And what I will love most about it this year is that my son, who was born in Australia, has never seen snow before! I can’t wait to go and play in it with him, and build him a snowman!

  72. Spphie says:

    At age 28 I still rush out of bed to the window to see if snowed i dont think i ll ever change. I can’t wait to show snow to jack this year he is 19 months old and I m sure he will love it to.

  73. Emma C says:

    I love the snow because you see so many people out and everyone’s friendly for a change, it’s like the snow brings happiness. There’s a lot less cars about and more helpful people out πŸ™‚

  74. Lisa Yeo says:

    The thing I love most about snow is sending my children and husband out sledging, watching them from the window, and preparing marshmallow hot chocolate for when they get back in soggy and cold!

  75. Grace says:

    I just carry on when it snows… last year I took out the sledge and pulled my 3 year old and 7 month old girl up the hill to go shopping; they loved it and was wrapped up well.

  76. Claire says:

    I love how beautiful the world looks covered in snow before anyone walks on it. So perfect and clean.

  77. @Kanga_Rue says:

    Snow Angels! So much fun & beauty watching my Pickle make them πŸ™‚

  78. a kuszyk says:

    snow days! i get a day off work which i get to spend sledging with my own children.

  79. Kerry Griffin says:

    I love the idea of snow, playing in it with the children laughing coming in for hot drinks, but hate how my ears ache toes go numb and the snow is harder than you think when you fall down on it.

  80. Gemma R says:

    What I love most about the snow is the way it brings everybody together. In the february snow we had this year almost everyone on our street was out playing with sledges, building snowmen, having snowball fights etc. We had some amazing days and met neighbours we never knew before dispite living here for 5 years! The adults took turns in making tea / hot chocolate and we have been a closer neighbourhood since.

  81. Dorothy says:

    I love opening the curtains when the snow has settled through the night. It is just like discovering a new wonderland where the old normal world used to be. Everything looks so magical and fun, a bit like having Narnia in your back garden.

  82. Elsie macpherson says:

    Every year me and the other half build mini me snowmen in our garden. I had to show him how to do this time first time, he had no idea how to make a snowman! We put old clothes n them and I had an old pair of glasses just for the occasion. This year we get to make a baby snowman I’ve saved a hat and old blanket (rescued from the cats bit of sofa).

    • Jane Hearne says:

      I love seeing my girls faces when they see the snow and how excited they get. I love it when you go outside and its all quiet and the snow sparkles and makes that crunching sound when you stand in it.

  83. Jane says:

    The sudden arrival of Snow is snow exciting ! It’s slow departure so saddening, but remember, Spring must be somewhere around the corner!

  84. karina wrightson says:

    building snowmen and seeing lo getting super excited about it πŸ™‚ and making snowcastles ^_^ x

  85. Abi says:

    It makes everything look so beautiful and bright. And it makes my children soooo excited and happy!

  86. Audrey Docherty says:

    Snow is soo cool!

  87. lyndsey says:

    Love or hate snow is great!

    I’m wait so much to go out in the snow
    it really puts on a magical show

    snow is cold yet so soft on your nose
    I love it when it snows

    A blanket of white
    sparkling like diamonds in the light

    fun of outdoor creating
    can build a brand new anything

    which can seem to come alive
    with a carrot nose and two button eyes

    oh how i’d love it to stay
    yet nature takes it away to come back someday

    by The Russell family

  88. Lisa Baker says:

    Making snowballs and throwing them at my Daddy, love from Sam age 4 1/2

  89. Rachael Tee says:

    I love playing outside in the snow with my children, making a snow family, throwqing snowballs, snow angels, but nothing beats going back inside for a warm drink in front of the fire, snuggling up and thawing out. Tip: akways make your snow families where they can be seen from the window so your Dcs can check up on them without you having to go back out. πŸ™‚

  90. Sue Brown says:

    The thing I love most about snow is seeing my daughters (4yrs & 2yrs) faces when they wake up and see the snow – they get so excited and want to play in it straight away πŸ™‚

  91. Sue says:

    The snow always reminds of the time my beautiful daughter was born. My husband and I were so nervous about driving her home from hospital in the snow but she looked so adorable and cozy all snuggled up her snowsuit.

  92. Sarah Blackburn says:

    My Favourite thing about the snow is putting on my wellies and going out in the garden with the kids and just having fun, building snowmen, throwing snowballs and then coming back in to snuggle up warm.

  93. Jennifer Pullin says:

    The thing I hate about snow is driving in it as we live in a rural area and the roads are quite scary. The thing I love about it is its the perfect excuse to cosy up indoors with a dvd, popcorn and hot chocolate and snuggle on the sofa under a blanket – bliss!x

  94. Sue says:

    What I love about snow is it makes everything fresh and inviting, like the beginning of a new book. You can admire it from the comfort of your home, peeking out of frost covered windows, the twinkles of the christmas lights reflecting on the window panes. Or wrap up in woolly scarfs and scratchy hats and dive in. A crisp walk in the snow, followed by snow balls fights with the family, you can’t catch me!

  95. Daryl R says:

    The effect of fresh fallen snow on trees always does it for me!!

  96. Donna says:

    How it glistens, how it crunches, how it makes the sky seem brighter when it’s nightime and the sound of silence it creates!

  97. andrea armstrong says:

    The thing I love about the snow is even though it freezing cold can cause chaos on the roads ect it has the ability to swich your festive button on in the instant it starts to fall! I also love the enjoyment my daughter and all chidlren get from seeing it, playing in it and making the biggest snowman they possibly can. x

  98. helen stephenson says:

    I love snow it is so magical especially at christmas time, it makes everything so beautiful and enchanting, watching the snowman on Christmas Eve and then waking to snow on Christmas morning would be wonderful and how fantastic would it be to make our own Snowman xxx

  99. Sue says:

    What I love about snow is its so fresh and inviting like starting a new book, the anticipation of jumping in. Peeking out from a frosted window pane and watching the twinkling christmas lights dancing in the reflection. Or wrap up warm in a woolly scarf and scratchy hat, take a crisp walk in freshly laid snow, snow ball fights with the family, you can’t catch me!

  100. Clarice says:

    Snow has so many amazing factors.
    If there was never snow then this amazing story would not be here now!
    Snow adds the perfect setting to Christmas/Winter!
    Making snowmen!
    Doing snow angels!
    It looks beautiful!
    Its great to take photos of!
    The list could go on and on and on.
    I love snow…

  101. Stacie says:

    I actually HATE the snow, I HATE being cold & wet. Although I LOVE watching the snow fall & always get excited about weather we will get snowed in πŸ™‚ I love putting a film on (The Snowman would be great) snuggled up with a nice hot coco, my little boy will be 20months come christmas time, so if it does snow, I may have to pop outside to build a snowman for him this year………….. The things I do for my little man πŸ™‚

  102. I love the feeling of being wrapped up warm and safe indoors when it’s snowing outside. Now that our wonderful daughter is here, it will be fabulous to share this experience with her. I cant wiat to see her expression this Christmas time. xx

  103. Kay says:

    There is definitely something magical about watching snow falling outside gently blanketing everything over. I love seeing my little boys face when he realises it has snowed. The dressing in layers and the warming of slippers behind the radiator ready for the return. We have built snowman (alas traditional style!) but my son is very keen to build an igloo next time it snows (he also wants to camp outside in the newly built igloo, but we shall see about that!)

    I love looking at the pretty scenery snow creates – it is beautiful looking at snow covered trees and the lack of traffic. It brings family and community together – it makes the world around us seem different – and it is.

  104. Vickie cowell says:

    Rising with the sun to see a fresh blanket of snow, waking up the sleepy heads to take a peak and take our first step into the new snowy world.

  105. Louise says:

    I love the feeling of Christmas being close when it snows. It reminds me of when I was heavily pregnant and to be careful as I slipped a few times. People walk alot more instead of driving everywhere which can’t be bad. I can’t wait for my daughter to see snow for the first time, the only bad thing is the COLD! I never wear a coat but if it gets cold enough to snow I regret not buying one. The cost of heating to keep us warm goes up but it doesn’t happen often in this country so I don’t mind as much. I love building snow men and sleighing down a hill near by where I’d like to take my daughter if it snows this year :o) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

  106. Anne Parker says:

    The best thing about snow with kids is lobbing snowballs from behind a fence or large object where they can’t see you but you can get a pretty good aim without being seen or ‘ got back’ !! If you are really mean parents like us we get our kids to come and stand under a heavily snow-laden branch of a tree then throw something up to dislodge all that snow on them!! They love the idea that its now game on!! Usually ends up in a big rugby scrum with plenty of laughter and rosy cheeks.

    Worse thing has got to be spending ages hunting for the missing glove thats fallen down the back of the radiator after drying out! Also avoiding slush from passing cars as you walk down thawing snow covered paths.

  107. Margaret says:

    I had the cassette of The Snowman for my 3 children and every year it came out of the magical box with the Christmas decorations. Then my grandchildren watched it until the cassette player was old fashioned and I received a DVD player as a gift., but now it’s my great grandson turn to enjoy the magic of the The Snowman..
    SNOW makes everything seem perfect. Seeing the children’s faces when they waken to see the snow. How is it they are never cold and would stay out all day making snowmen and snow angels. Their red faces and cold hands and feet are memories that last over the generations.
    Looking forward to this years snow, let’s hope there is lots and lots. I am prepared with extra scarves, gloves, thick socks and hats. Plenty of hot chocolate when they do get too cold and lots and lots of photographs.

  108. Helen says:

    I have never seen it but the flying pics look good.

  109. Sam says:

    I love the stillness that snow brings, when you wake up in the morning and you know outside will be blanketed as there is a brightness in the light and a serene feeling. Making those first footsteps in newly fallen snow is magical.

  110. Wendy says:

    What I love about snow… that yellow snow still makes me giggle he he, remembering being desperate for it to snow to have a day off school or get snowed in. Seeing those first flakes and shouting out the window “it’s snowwwwwwing”, mittens drying out after making a snowman or igloo and coming in all rosey cheeked and my mum making hot chocolate to warm us up. More recently – my kind neighbours digging my car out the snow when I was pregnant. My baby’s face as he saw snow the first time last year and that a very dear friend had come to visit and share it with us and that we can buy a sledge this year,

  111. I love watching it snow against the lights of the lamp posts, as it shimmers down like glitter.
    Then waking up to a total blanket of snow.
    Waiting the Little One and the dog play with snow balls. Magical moments as you begin to build your snowman.

  112. margaret says:

    ‘let it snow….let it snow……let it snow! just love the snow! it’s such a magical feeling, when you are indoors nice n’ cosy! and your watching the snow fall, it brings such an excitement, just like when i was a kid myself! when it’s freshly fallen, and it’s so perfect, and untouched, and it glistens in the evening street lights shining down on the snow, like diamonds glistening!, and when you just cant wait to get out there with your grandchildren, and have hours of fun! with your winter coat, hat scarf and gloves on! and your warm boots on too! making snowmen and throwing snowballs! with your grandchildren and family, there’s nothing else like the spectacular feeling that fresh snowfall brings!, and the serene feeling that goes with it!, so ……let it snow! let it snow!…….let it snow!

  113. Jane says:

    Watching my cat’s quizzical expression and shock as the cold hits his paws when he ventures out the catflap into freshly fallen snow in the morning. Hysterical.

  114. Everything looks so clean when the snow is untouched, I love sitting at the window watching it fall, seeing the patterns and shapes, wondering if it will get deeper, wondering will it stop or will school be closed tomorrow, hoping school will be closed!

  115. Charlotte Perry says:

    I used to hate snow as always feel over but now I’ve children love the delight in their faces so walk out in my special grippy boots enjoying making footprints. Tends to bring community together as well have noticed as generally people are more helpful and friendly.

  116. Jane Gregory says:

    My 28-year old daughter has a rare chromosome disorder that causes autism, epilepsy & learning disabilities. She adores the Snowman, and anything to do with it, & plays the DVD several times a day. Just playing her the haunting soundtrack can reduce her anxiety levels, and bring her out of a meltdown.

  117. janegregory says:

    My 28-year old daughter adores The Snowman and everything to do with it. She has autism, epilepsy and learning disabilities caused by a rare chromosome disorder, and the haunting melody relaxes her and coaxes her out of meltdowns.She watches the DVD several times a day.

  118. karen clee says:

    I love waking up and opening the curtains to see it has snowed. It always looks so still and tranquil. Then we wrap up and make footprints in the freshly fallen snow. we love the snowy days πŸ™‚

  119. magicdress says:

    love love love snowman!!! it’s the best memory in our childhood…btw, christmas is coming!!! click here to view more information.

  120. Beanfrog says:

    I love the silence of the morning after a night of heavy snow and the crunch of the first step taken on the untouched blanket of snow.

  121. kimmer2111 says:

    Snow angels!! Best thing about the snow!

  122. Malandra Brace-Cornell says:

    Best thing has to be snow angels! Lying down in the cold crunchy snow and waving your arms and legs. Young or old its so much fun! Especially making a snow angel family x

  123. Nicola says:

    I love the snow as being born in December winter is my fave time of the year, we wrap up and go for walks. The only thing i dislike about snow is driving in it yuk!

  124. The look on my boys face’s, making a MASSIVE snowman with them, watching my 2 dogs hop through it and dig in it but most of all the snow just makes Christmas for us πŸ™‚

  125. Clare says:

    I love the snow and how pretty it makes everything seem and the kids absolutely adore it – best thing about snow is having the day off to play in it

  126. Tamasin rhymes says:

    I love the special quiet when you wake up on a snowy morning and the sparkles in unexpected corners when the light catches it. It makes everything looked wrapped up.

  127. Michelle Harris says:

    I love getting all wrapped up in my snow clothes with the family and going out to build snowmen! Then coming in to a nice warm bath and hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

  128. Katrina Goatly says:

    I really dislike the snow because I live at the top of a huge hill which is impossible to get down on foot. Living at the top of the hill has it’s advantages because I get fab views of the snowy countryside.

  129. Sam Hunter says:

    I don’t mind the snow, it looks pretty but I can’t touch it cos it makes my hands cold

  130. Rachel Sanderson says:

    I love watching the snow fall at night. Warm and toastie in the house. There’s something magical about the way it falls, illuminated by the street lights.
    I love to be out when it’s snowing too, trying to catch the snow on your tongue and making snow angels!
    My baby is due on the 4th Dec, I’m hoping for a white christmas, tucked up in the house just the 3 of us!

  131. faye says:

    when the snow settles and the sunlight shines on it, all the darkness of winter and the winter blues feels like it has lifted. its no longer dark, wet and depressing its bright, white and happy πŸ™‚

  132. Kayleigh Fraser says:

    Getting snowed in and the world around you comes to a beautiful standstill!

  133. Jenny says:

    I hate the snow! I broke my arm when I was younger and am now scared to go out in it!

  134. I love skiing in the mountains, the fresh chilly air and beautiful scenery (nothing beats a snow capped mountain). My favourite element, like most people is stepping onto the fresh snow, the squeaky, bounciness under foot is so good. Also the quiet serenity when everything is covered in snow. This year I’m looking forward to taking my little out into the snow for the first time and building our first snowman

  135. Liz H says:

    I love the snow, it makes me feel all christmassy. I especially like to watch the snow while snuggled up in a blanket

  136. Mandy Marshall says:

    I love going to the park and seeing all the snow on the trees, sledging down the big hills on the crisp white snow and hearing the kids laughing and having fun! Then home for hot chocolate.

  137. E says:

    I love snow because it makes everything look stunning and makes the lanscape look clean. I think the most beautiful sight is falling snow, and theres nothing quite like stepping outside into fresh snow and making footprints everyway!

  138. lucy says:

    I love the snow for being something so simple that puts looks of awe and excitement on my childrens faces which no expensive toy could! only bad point is having to drive to work in it!

  139. Mel says:

    I love the snow because of being able to make snowmen, but this year, my 1 year old will be able to play in it! Whooooohooo! The thing I hate the most is driving in it 😦 but being a stay at home mum now I only go out in it if I really have to! I love the snowman, I invite my 3 sister over every yearbtomwatchiton Christmas eve, we love it… Even as grown ups! Xx

  140. Lynsey says:

    I love how quiet everything is when it’s been snowing, My daughter has not yet seen the snow; hope it makes an appearance this Christmas time.

  141. Syanne says:

    Snow is one of the most beautiful things to see. I like the warm feeling that it brings. It always make me feel that Christmas, which is filled with laughters (and hot chocolate), is just around the corner πŸ™‚

  142. Amanda says:

    Its the crunch isnt it , Its the feel of the crispness of the snow, when you crush it together either in the palm of the hand to make a snowball or the crunch underfoot on fresh snow….its sheer bliss !

  143. mymillsbaby says:

    I hate it when people snowball me. Especially when I’m pushing a pushchair down the road 😦 Ruins it for me.

  144. Michael says:

    I love the feeling of magic in the air, and the cool snow-flurried gusts of wind blowing. I love the feel and sound of the crunch of the snow. I love making snowmen in the front yard. I love the warm feeling you get playing with the snow, even though it is so cold outside. The only thing I hate about snow is that it eventually has to end, when it melts.

  145. Sue Macdonald-Preston says:

    I love seeing my cats and my son tread in the snow for the first time each winter; the cats shake their paws with each step with a bewildered look in the eyes and my son’s giggles get louder and smiles wider the more steps he takes!

  146. martine Thompson says:

    I love the snow, I love it when its forcast and my two little ones keep checking outside. I love it when they pull back the curtains to see how much we have had overnight. The excitement is intense we rush to have breakfast and get dressed to see if we can be first to put our footprints in the snow. We make the biggest snowman and then come in to get warm with homemade soup and watch the snowman and then straight back out for snowball fights and sledging. In for dinner and back out to play until its too dark and cold then in for hot chocolate before a warm bath and bed.Please “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” πŸ™‚

  147. Lails says:

    I like my back garden filled with snow. When there are no marks on it, like a huge white sheet. I have a bird house and I love seeing snow just on the top of the bird house.

  148. Kayleigh says:

    I won a copy emailed my address and never recieved?

  149. Rakesh says:

    It’s coming to that time of the year again, dark and cold nights. I love watching the snow fall. I hope its heavy this year.

    I want to build a HUGE snowman out of ice and put into my front garden. It will look magical.

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