Blog of the Week: 8 things that make me sound like my mum

This weeks Blog of the Week from Helen who blogs at Stickers, Stars and Smiles had us all chuckling in recognition as she bemoans the fact that she is slowly turning into her mum!

We would love to know what you do and say that make you sound like your mum too.


8 things that make me sound like my mum…..

I promised myself I wasn’t going to turn into my mum.

Not because there is anything wrong with my mum, you understand; she’s lovely.

It’s just I wanted to be me as a mum, not take on my parents mistakes or successes when raising my kids. I guess its inevitable. I suppose I was hoping it would be less obvious though. *fat chance*

You see, everyday I can hear her voice in my head, just a few seconds after I have uttered some momentous thing to my kids. The words just slip out my mouth. And before I know it, I can see her staring back at me when I was five…and then again when I was ten, and so on.

“I will never say that to my kids.”


1. What’s the magic word?
Sadly, I say this all the bloody time. It drives me nuts. Why can’t they just remember to say please and thank you? Will I be saying it to them when they are 25 and asking if they can have the money for a deposit on the house. Bet I will *gibber gibber*

2. Normal voice
Mummy. Mummy. Mummy.




It looks so innocuous when you write it down. It’s not. Not when it’s said in THAT tone. They never listen though. That’s why a different kind of whine may be required when they are in bed.

3. Carrots help you see in the dark
Why would that matter? It didn’t matter to me. I never ate them when mum said that. But I say it now. Often. Why?

I think perhaps my mum said it so much. I now believe its true.

You CAN become a ninja just by eating small orange vegetables. Why not? Spinach did Popeye a lot of good after all. Well apart from the Olive Oil thing. Never understood what they both saw in her…

4. Be with you in two minutes..
My mum said this a lot. I do as well. I think you have to otherwise you will slowly but surely become your kid’s slave. I reckon if I had a £1 for everything my kids asked for before we left for school in the morning, world debt would be wiped out before half-term.

If I didn’t say this, I’d also never get anything done, like empty the washing, put the clothes away, tidy up after breakfast or eat my cereal. Oh hold on, never get that last bit done anyway….

5. Just eat it
Mealtimes and kids. No-one prepares you. No-one. I may say just these three words. But in my head I am adding an extra expletive. It’s the only way to stop my head with exploding with the sheer frustration of it all. And sometimes even that doesn’t actually work.

Just f**king eat it!

Can’t possibly say that out loud, but screaming it in ones head does you the world of good.

Wonder if my mum did that too…?

6. It’s your time you’re wasting
Clearly kids take ages to do stuff. Particularly if you have to be somewhere desperately. An extra two minutes at the playground means nothing to a three year old, but I still say it. It makes me feel better. It’s actually my time they FEEL like they are wasting. But they aren’t really. I just need to get a grip. Being two minutes later at the playground isn’t going to kill us after all.

7. Because it is
When you have been asked “why” YET AGAIN. There is no better answer than this. I know it means nothing. I know it doesn’t teach them anything about the world. I know I shouldn’t do it. But I am tired. Sorry.

8. I love you as much as…
My mum used to say this all the time. I loved the game when I was younger, and I love it even more now I am a mum myself…

“I love you as much as 5,000 hundred million thousand times around the world, up the Eiffel Tower and back down again, and to the common and back.”

It’s a competition and they always win. I don’t know numbers higher than theirs you see.


What did your mum say to you that you thought you never would and find yourself doing it with your kids? Bet there are a million hundred thousand other things I haven’t included…


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15 Responses to Blog of the Week: 8 things that make me sound like my mum

  1. Tammy says:

    So true. Made me laugh!

  2. Very funny, I’ve said all of these as well as…

    If you eat any more grapes you’ll turn in to one.
    If I’ve told you once…
    If you keep playing with it it’ll fall off!
    There are children in Africa who would love….

    And the current favourite of mine… ask your mummy!

  3. indreamworld says:

    Ha, I can be found muttering nearly of those most days! Especially “because it is” and the “just eat it!” one. 🙂

  4. Amanda says:

    ha ha ha …say all of these….also do the dreaded spit on to a tissue to clean my daughters face if we’re out!!! Just like my mum did to me!! DD hates it, I hated it…but strangely still find myself doing it!!!!

  5. Sarah says:

    “BOOM BANG HEAD BUMP…oh you’re alright!!”….when she bangs her head yet again and looks at me to see if it hurt enough to start crying

  6. jackie says:

    never said anything to me that i remember went into care at 4 until 16, but i love being a mum myself and do all of these (get sad at times think there is a woman out there that does not care that im alive or that she has grankids 😦 her loss because me and them are great) sorry for putting this on but we are all not as lucky, but very happy for those of you that have 🙂

  7. Linda. says:

    It’s her loss,I lost my mum at the age of 11 through illness,I have 4children and 8 grandchildren and I adore them all.It is hard but you are lucky because you have children and through your experience you will be a great mum.good luck to you.

  8. Oh dear. I identify with all these, regularly think but don’t say ‘Shut the f**k up and have to resist a rage when they tell ME ‘Two minutes!’

  9. janetodd007 says:

    Reblogged this on At Home With The Todds !! and commented:
    I love this post – how many of these do you use and yet cringe at the same time !!!

  10. jackie says:

    message to jackie its your time now with your little ones they will have the memories that some have on hear good ones of which you have given them that is something to be proud of good luck to you

  11. Paula says:

    Oh my word… I am crying with the laughing… its all so true and then I read Amandas post about the dreaded spit on the tissue and that sent me over the edge… my DD hates it, as I did but… I still do it….

  12. jayne says:

    i have very recently found myself using – “if the wind changes your face will stay like that” when my three year old crosses her eyes .. haha

  13. Helen says:

    “you see with your eyes not your hands” when they tell me they’re just looking but are in fact poking, proding or trying to pick up breakables in shops! I always think of my mum when i say that.

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