Parents’ Week – Time to Make a Moment – Guest blog by Saira Khan

This week is Parents’ Week and the theme is ‘Make a Moment’. Saira Khan, TV presenter, entrepreneur and mother of two, writes about what this means for her and how she finds time in between her busy work schedule to really stop and make a moment for her children to treasure.

We also have five travel sets of Miamoo goodies to giveaway. Simply leave a comment telling us about your own  Moments to be in with a chance of winning a set.

This week is Parents’ Week 2012 – a wonderful chance for the whole country to celebrate the hard work that parents do and the devotion that they give to their kids.
I’ll always remember when I was a young girl spending time with my dad and him teaching me how to read Urdu. I would sit in his lap and he would help me to read the alphabet. It was a very special because it was the time he focused all his attention onto me. As a kid, I remember that happy feeling, just sitting and learning with my dad.

As a busy working mum I like to make sure I create real moments with my kids when I can. With my daughter, she loves to dance and I turn up the music very loud and we have a little boogie together. My son Zac, who is four, loves it best when I play Spiderman with him.

The theme of Parents’ Week is Make A Moment, as it’s one-to-one moments like this that make being a child and being a parent so special. Child development experts tell us that time with a parent can make the biggest difference to a child’s well-being.
I think it’s important to remember that making a child contented doesn’t have to be about expensive holidays or day trips. It’s about the time that you give. Whether you have just a few minutes or longer, sharing a moment is what it’s all about – letting your child know that you love them and that they are worthy of your full attention.

But with all the extra pressures modern parents face, it can be so difficult to find the time for these moments. I’m big on personal time management – if you do things like planning your meals ahead, it leaves you more free to be with your child. Another approach of mine is to try and turn chores into fun, whether you’re food shopping, laying the table or doing the washing up, these are all opportunities to talk and to bond. Kids love feeling grown up and so they love it when you allow them to help you with grown up jobs.

I knew when I founded Miamoo, my skincare range for babies and small children, that running a business would create some tough challenges in terms of work/life balance. But millions of UK mums and dads are tackling the same tough challenge every day and – although they might not feel like they’re doing a great job – they really are. So let’s praise all committed parents during Parents’ Week 2012.

Saira founded miamoo in 2006, a range of natural skincare products for babies and children. See


Saira has kindly given us 5 sets of Miamoo travel sets (worth £15) to give away to 5 lucky winners. To be in with a chance of winning, simply leave a comment on the blog telling us your favourite  Moments with your own children or childhood memories of stand out moment with your parents and we will pick 5 lucky winners at random from all comments received by 31st October.

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9 Responses to Parents’ Week – Time to Make a Moment – Guest blog by Saira Khan

  1. Caroline Farrand says:

    Well my little one is 5 on xmas eve, where does the time go!!We love reading together but those special moments we have are singing to my Adele CD or being pirates using the sofa as our ship. At the moment he lives and breaths Spiderman son we play goodies and baddies obviously I’m the baddie!! I think if you spend just 10mins with your child its like a lifetime to them.

  2. Hannah says:

    I have to comment on the most special moment with my Dad when I was roughly 9. We lived on a stud and I spent a late evening just my Dad and I who was always very busy so this was special!
    A mare was in the stable next door getting ready to foal. It was amazing my dad held me as I stood on his work desk looking through the window slot. I saw this horse give birth and it was just amazing. Then I got to see my dad do his job which was also special 🙂

  3. mandy says:

    I’ll never forget being taken to primary school by my father. It happened just once, but the pride and love I felt as he walked me to my classroom door, filled my heart. Both my parents worked extremely hard to afford us a comfortable way of life. That memory has played an integral part in the relationships I now have with my four children. Together, we have built up a bank full of happy memories in doing things together. Whenever, there was an opportunity to put down a duster and pick up a toy, book or crayon, I grabbed it with both hands and ran..sometimes literally !! There shall always be ‘other things ‘ that need your attention, but our children deserve the very best of us.

  4. Suky says:

    My two daughters and I love all things girlie! From shopping, baking, painting our nails (and mummy’s fingers), and even chores. We love arts and crafts and are always making things using our recycled boxes and paper. This Age is so precious and this time will never come again. Therefore, whenever someone is over I always say…..”Mind The Mess, My Children are Making Memories”. Love them so much x

  5. zena says:

    My older brother playing with his toffee sweet and looking at it when he turned his back i was only 5 i scoffed it
    big brother ran over to me took the sweet out of my mouth put it back in the wrapper then hid the sweet. i still remember the sweet fudgy sweet.

  6. Lucy Ralphs says:

    My favourite moment is that time every day when we’ve all returned from our busy daytime activities, e.g. work and nursery. My 21 month old daughter comes over to me and shouts ‘up’. She sits on my knee and we read many books together, have a cuddle and a tickle. Fantastic!

  7. Flora says:

    When my sisters and I were growing up my dad would leave for work before we were up and sometimes not come home till we were already asleep, sometimes even on a Saturday. So my favourite time used to be Sunday mornings when he’d sleep late and we’d all sneak into bed with him. Once awake, we’d all watch cartoons together (mainly Tom & Jerry or Looney Tunes which we all still love to this day as grown-ups). So that was my favourite moment 🙂

  8. Jean says:

    My special moments with my little girl are:

    Dancing round the bedroom daily to Gwen Stefani.
    Making wonderful food and animals out of playdough.
    Talking to my belly about her day, then giving it big hugs and raspberries.

    Am keeping a journal of these precious moments.

  9. My Special moments with my son are when we play hide and seek just before bath time. He giggles so much it melts my heart. I wish I could spend every second of evey day with him.

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