Team Netmums – Wonder(web) Women

Mums – they are fab aren’t they? They can just do all those things that only mums can do

Cooking Mama

like run up a pair of curtains, whip up a Victoria sponge, make a pot of Gooseberry jam , deftly arrange some flowers artfully and knit a chunky cable knit jumper – all without breaking into a sweat.

That might be true for our own mums but according to a new survey, which has got everyone on Netmums buzzing this week, us modern mums actually can’t do any of these things and are severely lacking in the traditional ‘motherly’ skills department.

And – what’ s more it seems – we just haven’t got either the patience or the time to learn.  It’s easier after all just to ask our mum to do it instead!

We quizzed Team Netmums to find out whether they were more Domestic Goddesses or Wonder(web) Women.

Turns out when it comes to all things culinary we are not half bad.  ALL of us can make a Victoria sponge (and a chocolate Krispie cake too – ha!).  90% of us can make a casserole and 80% can bake our own bread. 60% make gravy from scratch (although have they not heard of granules?) and 30% of us even make jam to rival the very best WI condiment!

It all then goes a bit downhill when it comes to other crafty skills though. Although it is rising in popularity these days with all the celebs casting on and purling – only some of us can knit (although we do have an award winning guerilla knitter on the team – whatever that may be).

We’re a bit better with a needle although even if we can sew it doesn’t necessarily mean we do – we can cobble things together with running stitch – but still call our mums when it comes to fiddly projects like ‘running up a pair of curtains’ and many of us admitted to using Wonder Web to fix on Scout badges- or even glue.  Job done! At least we don’t use staples.

One thing for sure is that we’re all willing to give things a go and since becoming mums have taught ourselves or gone along to classes to be taught to cook a half decent meal, at the very least be able to sew on a button and many of us can also make jewellery, paint and garden.

The results of our handicraft sessions are not always perfect but they do show willing.  Take a look at the finished result when one of us was asked by their little one:  ‘Muuuum.  Please can you sew me a soft toy owl’…

And whilst we can’t all have domestic talents to rival Nigella or Kirstie Allsopp – we’re really good at cheating,  short cuts, scrounging favours and cobbling things together.  And those, we reckon are sometimes the most valuable ‘mum’ skills of all!

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2 Responses to Team Netmums – Wonder(web) Women

  1. Kate T says:

    Love that owl!

  2. wollypark says:

    Cooking, pretty cool, flower arranging…ok (nana gave classes), mending…ok, arty crafty ok, outdoors ok, trainee shoppin for teens, ok…knitting i can only manage a scarf! Embroidery brill…soap opera an gossip absolutely hopeless!! Must be old!!

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