Blog of the Week: Sleep Deprivation by The Last Degree

It’s Sleep Week here on Netmums and we’re not the only ones talking about not getting enough of it! This lovely post by The Last Degree caught our eye and made us realise that it’s not always just the children that keep us from getting that much needed rest. 


I’m burning candles at both ends lately and sleep deprivation is setting in. I am doing to much again as I juggle my new full time job, have quality time with the twins and work on my online business. As I settle down to my computer I glance up and the time is 10:30pm and I still have heaps of things to do. It is frustrating as I wish I could do the things I love all the time without the extra stuff that fills my days so I wouldn’t have to waste valuable sleep time working. Apparently one third of the years of your lifetime is spent sleeping but I am wishing I would at least get that.

Sleep Deprivation is what you do for love

When the twins were born and as the nights became weeks it was torture until they finally slept through. I thought it would never happen. Then when they turned 1, their nocturnal wakes commenced again. Sick and alternative cries for attention meant I was up and out of bed so many times and then expected to get ready for work and function but that’s what you do when you come a parent.

Sleep Deprivation is like being drunk

Before I had kids for two years I worked a 9-5 week day job and then night shift at a laboratory from 7pm to 2am, three nights a week. I was always fine until midnight. Then visually my head would get woolly. I could not make decisions. I was clumsy. I made mistakes and could not concentrate. Everything just slowed down. It always reminded me of being drunk.

Sleep Deprivation is when you have a passion that keeps you awake

Sometimes I have these great ideas that I can’t sleep. Have you ever had a burning desire and passion inside that only sleep gets in your way on getting things done? I have been working hard on my online business and set some aggressive weekly goals. It only there were more hours in the day to get through my list.

Many studies make it clear that sleep deprivation is dangerous and that the body starts

Image: Netmums

counting a “sleep debt.” You need to repay the body back with sleep. So as I turn of the computer for one night and wander back to my bed, I know I will have to squeeze in between two little people as while the house is in renovations we are all sleeping together. That is if I can quiet my brain from all the activities on my list for tomorrow.

What keeps you awake?


As Netmums launches the first ever National Child Sleep Week, a major new survey reveals a nation of worn out and sleep deprived mums and dads with half of all families polled saying that lack of sleep left them exhausted and 62% admitting to lying to cover up how they are coping with sleep deprivation.

If you are suffering from a lack of sleep why not pop over to our dedicated Sleep Week page where you can find the full results of the survey, join in with our sleep clinic or even win a bed worth £3500!

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1 Response to Blog of the Week: Sleep Deprivation by The Last Degree

  1. I totally understand. I have a 3 yr old and a one yr old (both slept through from 5 months!)and another due in December (yes, I’m probably mad). While I’m at home, I’m a third of the way through a history degree with the OU so I can begin teacher training once the kids are at school and I have a level 3 module starting in October. Running a house, studying, looking after kids, and making time for my husband basically means that time for me (like reading a book because I want to rather than because I have to & my other arty little projects and my blog) basically ceased between Feb 2011 and June this year (never do one module straight after another). It also meant studying late at night because that is the only time I really get the quiet I need to focus. Last year I even attempted doing Avon too to help with the cost of the next module but when the time I was taking on it didn’t justify the little I was making, I quit. I think I was living on about 4 hours sleep a night at one point! While my eldest is off playschool for the summer hols, and I’m on my break between modules, I get a bit more sleep but come September I’ll be back on the 6:30 am starts to get kids and self ready to get no.1 to playschool at 9:30, and come October return the late night study sessions. At least I know the studying won’t last forever.

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