Blog of the Week – The Dream Stealers

This weeks Blog of the Week is by The Last Degree who writes beautifully about the challenge of keeping hold of your dreams and how sometimes ‘well-meaning’ people can cause you to let go of them. Whether your dreams are big or small we think most of us can relate to this idea.


I’ve met a few dream stealers in my life. The well-meaning friends and family who encourage you not to bother trying. They come in all shapes and sizes from a position of concern, fear, jealously or even their own lack of self-worth. How many talented individuals in the arts and business may never reach their potential all because someone somewhere stole their dreams?

 “Dreams are not to be believed,” said her father. “They are loco fumes from inside the head, eh? Craziness” is quote from a children book rightly titled The Dream Stealer by Author Sid Fleischman. Have you heard this before?

 Who are your dream stealers?

I think you meet dream stealers throughout your life. When I was in school I loved to read and write. My favourite subjects were Art and Ancient History. I would pen poetry, write stories, and dream of being an artist and author. In my first year of high school I was awarded one of the top grades for English but my success was soon short lived, as another teacher would constantly refute my writing as grammatically incorrect, with unfinished sentences and assignments returned with red pen scribbled through it. Four years later I received my first Fail for a poetry assignment and I barely passed the grade. Although as I laughed and pursued a science career, I would often cite that my only A grade was in Art but as other dream stealers would say, “There are no jobs in Art unless you want to be a Teacher.” My writing further floundered and during my Honours year my supervisor also returned a draft paper with so many request for changes that my confidence sank pretty low for a very long time.

My current dreams are to work for myself doing something creative, be financially independent, and travel with my family. I love to hear of other people’s dreams but too often people guard them from risk that I too am a dream stealer. But like the heroine of the book – I am clever, wily and brave.

Here are some ways to keep yourself from getting robbed again:

Image: Netmums

  1. Identify your dream and write it down. Vision Boards help. Trust Me.
  2. Only share your dreams with positive like minded people. Dreams get stolen because you share with the wrong people.
  3. Share your successes but not your failures. By sharing a failure with a dream stealer will only validate their opinion of what you are doing.
  4. Never give up. Have that unshakeable belief and inner feeling of grasping that dream.
  5. Find mentors who understand what you are trying to achieve. No use getting advice on how to grow a business from someone who has never tried.
  6. And encourage others to follow their dreams. The most rewarding and empowering gift is to be a dream builder. Something I hope to inspire in my children.


Each week we pick a Blog of the Week from the Netmums Parent Bloggers Network. There are thousands of funny, moving, inspirational and informative blogs on our network that our job of picking just one to share is always tricky. Why not grab a cuppa, and curl up and read them for yourselves?

Do you have a current dream or goal you want to achieve? Or a past one that was stolen from you? We’d love to hear.

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2 Responses to Blog of the Week – The Dream Stealers

  1. By surrounding yourself with supportive people and ridding your life of negative influences you can achieve almost anything….my husband will support be to do anything that I wish as I will him and my friends are always constructive in their criticism based on their knowledge of me and the activity at hand, I thank them for the criticism as it has lead to me trying new things or altering tasks to make them more accessible to me. Believe in yourself and you can achieve your goals. (although my husband pointed out that due to our nationality he would be unlikely to become an astronaut as we are not Russian or American and they tend to recruit from within rather than from outside of their country, but this is something that he has had to accept)

  2. I love this well written post. “Do for others as you want they to do for you” always gets you a long way in life. And as Natalie says: believe in yourself!

    THanks for sharing!

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