Fifty shades of summer

Ah!  As Cliff once sang: ‘We’re all going on a summer holiday’ and boy do we need it!

Whether it’s a trip abroad to soak up some sun or under canvas in the UK  our time away with the family and far away from the day to day routine is bliss.

Getting ready to go can be a military operation involving list upon list and last minute shopping trips to buy all manner of strange but essential items to pack such as midgey repellent (Scotland), Calpol (any destination), Marmite (can’t last a week without it) and swimming costumes (that magically hide the lumpy bits).

Then half the items the family own are crammed into cases or boots, the kids are bundled into the car and off we go!

Surviving the actual journey is just the start. It’s hot, it’s cramped (perhaps we DID over pack just a little?) and someone always always needs a wee just after you have left the service station. But once you get your first glimpse of your destination you cannot help but smile. If you fly to sunnier climes the warm blast of hot air as you emerge from the plane cannot fail to make you grin from ear to ear and want to do a skip of glee on your way to arrivals. (Just like Simon and the Witch if your memory stretches back that far!)

And then the hazy lazy days stretch before you. Lie-ins (or at least grabbed snoozes in the day), happy family days, easy meals, kids sprouting in the sunshine and running free outdoors with grubby bare feet….

Our new Netmums game of the summer is counting how many people are reading 50 Shades novels round the pool/at the campsite/on the beach/on public transport.  It’s a bit like playing the Eddie Stobart game – but much more fun – we award extra points for anyone spotting a man reading it and for anyone spotting it on a Kindle (blushes are a dead giveaway). Note of warning though – don’t let the kids cotton on to your game.  An 8 yr old jumping up and down with glee, pointing and shrieking ‘That lady is reading the rude book Mummy – I get ten points!’ is a tough one to live down.

Whatever you are doing this summer and wherever you are going – have fun and enjoy your holidays.


Netmums is packed with top tips for traveling with children – everything for what to pack, how to entertain little ones on long journeys, staying safe in the sun and much much more.  Read our holiday guide here.

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