A Thank-you from Camila and Kids Company

The staff and children of Kids Company were so deeply touched by the support we received from Netmums and all the people who voted for the donation of £100,000 to Kids Company. 97% of children and young people who come for help have heard about our services on the streets and in schools. They self-refer and because of this, in the last 16 years, we have received no local authority funding, remaining reliant on charitable donations from the general public. Of the 17,000 children we help every year a large majority have been severely traumatised as a result of childhood maltreatment. 84% of those who arrive at our street-level centres are homeless and 68% describe having no food at home to eat. Many have not sustained education because they’ve been preoccupied with surviving their childhood.

To children who’ve been denied dignity and care the generosity of complete strangers has a dual impact. It transforms depleted circumstances but it also sends a message to the child, confirming that they deserve to be treasured. We will use Netmums generous donation to diminish the shame maltreated children feel by providing them with basic resources such as food, clothes, bedding and somewhere safe to live. Once the child has been stabilised, we’ll help discover their talents and encourage them to achieve educationally.

Many of Kids Company’s young people have gone on to study medicine, social care, arts and finance at the best universities in the country. To succeed all children need the safety net of parental love. For some children sadly this is not possible, as their parents negotiate the repercussions of their own childhood maltreatment. So Kids Company steps in as an additional re-parenting opportunity – either strengthening the biological carer, supplementing or completely substituting.

Without the help of our generous friends at Netmums and Comic Relief we would not be able to remain a potent sanctuary for children who have been abused and those who need to flourish. I cannot think of a gift more precious than the kindness of a human being towards a child who needs to be affirmed by it.

You have made a lot of children very happy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With love and best wishes,


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