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A Thank-you from Camila and Kids Company

The staff and children of Kids Company were so deeply touched by the support we received from Netmums and all the people who voted for the donation of £100,000 to Kids Company. 97% of children and young people who come … Continue reading

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Blog of the Week – I’m having a mid-life crisis

This weeks Blog of the Week on Netmums is by The Sardine Tin, who thinks she may be in the middle of a mid-life crisis. And if her list is anything to go by – she’s not the only one! … Continue reading

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On the road with the Second Class Boys – Rosie Fiore

Today’s guest blog is from author Rosie Fiore, whose novel Babies in Waiting was chosen by Netmums as one of our Top Ten Summer Reads.  She talks about her journey to becoming a published novelist and inspires others to start … Continue reading

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Team Netmums and the army of mini domestic gods and goddesses

If this week’s headlines are to believed a quarter of all kids aged 5-16 will not lift a finger to help with household chores. Whilst we as youngsters were apparently sent up chimneys (or at least nagged to make beds … Continue reading

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Fathers Week – Like Father, like Son (and Grand-daughter)

To wrap up our series of Fathers Week posts we have the wonderful Urban Daddy who has started to notice a few familiar family traits appearing in his personality… He’s in me somewhere. Grumbling one minute, laughing the next. Always … Continue reading

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Father’s Week – An alternative view of Father’s Day.

Continuing our Fathers Week theme, our Blog of the Week this week is an anonymous guest post which was published on Dorkymum’s blog. It is a sad story of what Father’s Day means for many Dad’s around the world. The full … Continue reading

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Father’s Week: The Joy of Dad Jokes

This week in honour of Father’s Day we’re celebrating the men in our community! Our Second ‘Dad’ post comes from Paul at Dippy Man who regales us with the joy of Dad jokes – although ‘joy’ may be stretching it a … Continue reading

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Father’s Week. Remote Control Wars

Happy Father’s Day! To celebrate Dad’s around the country Netmums have decided to bring you a series of posts from the men of the Parent Bloggers Network! First up is Keith from Reluctant Housedad who recalls a recent trip home … Continue reading

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Team Netmums – surely we are unforgettable?

First it was Posh Spice who went on the school run only to realise half way there that she had forgotten Brooklyn and this week the Camerons have hit the headlines with the news that they left their 8 yr … Continue reading

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Blog of the Week: ‘Juggle’ by My Funny Mummy

This week’s blog of the week comes from the always humourous, ever-talented ‘My Funny Mummy’ who is in mild panic mode about her impending return to work three days a week – not least because it poses the question ‘who on … Continue reading

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