Team Netmums Blog – Pesky Pregnancy Hormones

One of the threads we loved reading in the Netmums coffeehouse this week was this one where mums shared all the things that had reduced them to a blubbering wreck whilst they were pregnant. Team Netmums nodded in recognition as we read some of the corkers that had reduced our members to tears including:

  • I cried the other day because someone had finished my Nutella and hadn’t told me!
  • I cried in the park when my husband pointed out a duck that only had one foot.
  • This week I have cried at Auntie Mable when Pippin got left at the building site.
  • I cried because the neighbours next door got post and I didn’t, I thought the postman didn’t like me anymore.
  • Every time the Muller advert came on with the cow running along the beach I would cry my eyes out.
  • I  stood on a snail and was devastated. Cried for hours.

Hormones – pesky things at the best of times but when you are pregnant they can easily take over and tip even the most calm and level headed woman over the edge.  Never ones to shy away from admitting our flaws (and some of these anecdotes do make us seem a little unhinged!) we thought we would share with you some of the things that brought Team Netmums to tears when we were pregnant.

Some of the tales we shared showed that we were all just a bit more sensitive than usual and unable to shrug things off as we might have done normally.  Comments about looking tired or fat (not unkind ones just casual jibes or observations) or gentle teasing were all taken to heart and brought on the tears.  Other confessions showed just how much the smaller and irrational things made us act completely out of character and made us cringe even in the re-telling.

Our favourite tale from the Team was Julie and her sock drama. Quite out of character she had taken it upon herself to lay out her husband’s clothes for a night out.  He got dressed and all was well until…  Julie noticed he hadn’t put on the socks she had laid out for him.!!  She gnashed her teeth and wailed like a dramatic heroine from a bad romance and accused him of not loving her anymore as he had shunned her choice of footwear.  The poor man didn’t quite know what had hit him. We expect he chose his socks extremely carefully throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

It’s often the little things that seem so irrational that can floor us when flooded with pregnancy hormones and tiredness.  Nic once broke down because there was a bag of oranges in the hallway and the mere sight of citrus fruit made her feel sick.  Caroline was moved to tears by reading The Velveteen Rabbit as a bedtime story to her elder children and more than one of us have admitted to crumbling into racking sobs because of a moving film or even a loo roll advert!  Donna admitted that she even cried during Cars 2…..(that well known tear jerker!)

And when we were stumped by a task then there was really no hope.  There were tears over trying to assemble buggy boards and Cathy became a jibbering wreck trying to assemble flat pack nursery furniture.  She admits she has never sobbed so loudly and so much in her life and the whole experience has left her with a lifelong aversion to Ikea.


What reduced you to tears during pregnancy? We would love to hear your stories (if only to prove to ourselves that we are normal!)

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3 Responses to Team Netmums Blog – Pesky Pregnancy Hormones

  1. holliesmith40 says:

    Ha ha, brilliant! (Although – to be fair – assembling Ikea flatpack furniture will usually make anyone cry, pregnant or not.) 🙂

  2. I have a spooky one. When I was pregnant I had a lot of antenatal appointments, and used to walk through the hospital past the neonatal unit. Often I’d see parents going in or babies in incubators coming from delivery into the unit. It always used make me cry, thinking of those poor parents and tiny babies and how awful it must be for them.

    Then my baby was born at 27 weeks and I was on the other side of those doors! Never in a million years did I think that would be me!

  3. katerina says:

    Pregnancy is such a strange thing to go through. I cried just a few weeks ago because my bt vision box messed up and didn’t record an episode of masterchef! The weird thing is, I knew that I could watch it on BBC I player and I still cried! It’s only going to get worse in my last 6 weeks I guess. X

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