I hope your day is going well?

Yesterday Netmums hit the media with our relationships survey revealing the extent to which having a baby affects couples.  Who was it that said that having a baby is like chucking a grenade into the middle of your relationship?  It seems they were not wrong.  Whilst having a baby is one of the most wonderful and magical events in your life it brings with it so many things that can test the most solid of couples.

There are the big things like sleep deprivation and not having to time either to yourself or to spend together as a couple.  But often the smaller things can eat away at your relationship too.  When we asked Team Netmums what things they argued about with their partners, often it is the silly little things like whose turn it is to put the bins out and forgetting to wipe crumbs off the breadboard that can cause a blow out.

Our founder Siobhan joined Nicky Campbell on Radio Five Live to discuss the issue and she mentioned that a good way to keep things on track was to remember to find time to be kind to one another.  She gave an example of making a small gesture like texting your partner to say: ‘I hope your day is going well’.  And with those seven words she sparked a trend which picked up pace and lasted the whole day.

Not only did the radio presenters send texts to their other halves and read them out on air all morning but so did we all here at Team Netmums and many Netmums members joined in too.  Our Twitter feed and Facebook page soon were buzzing and throughout the day emails pinged back and forth as we shared our favourite text replies from our partners.  They ranged from the sweet ‘It would be better if I was with you.  Love you’ (but then that was from Nic’s husband and they have only been married for 2 weeks!) to the downright hilarious.

The main response from our men seemed to be one of suspicion.  Obviously not used to such thoughtful sentiments they immediately assumed we were buttering them up before we admitted that we had done something wrong or had a huge favour to ask.  Here’s a pick of our favourites:

Text:  ‘I hope your day is going well’

And the replies:

‘Why – have you crashed the car again?’

‘How worried do I need to be? Am technically shit scared!!!’

‘What the f*ck are you on about?’

‘I think you have the wrong number ???’

‘That was out of the blue..u ok?’

‘What, why and no we cant afford it.’

‘Are u being sarcastic?’

‘Whatever it is how much is it going to cost me???’

‘Why? What have I done this time?’

‘In over 20 years you have never asked me that before – what have you done?’

‘lol.. you listening to radio 5  and Netmums? :)’


Read more about the Netmums relationship survey results here and if you find out what tips our members gave us to help keep relationships on track take a look here. And if you need some help to make sure your relationship doesn’t veer off the rails why not sign up to our new online course:  Better Together?

Why not join in and text your partner today ‘I hope your day is going well’ and add your replies below – we’d love to know what the response was!

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7 Responses to I hope your day is going well?

  1. indreamworld says:

    Ha, those replies had me laughing out loud! 🙂 Paranoid men, lol.

  2. Yeh ok its friday :). How are youz doin? Xx

  3. Emma Harrison says:

    Yeah not bad ta 🙂 how about you xxx

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  5. mutteringsofafool says:

    Well you know if you spend years training us what do you expect….

  6. That’s hilarious. Off to do mine right now.

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