United Kindmums – The day my hairdresser saved me.

Netmums United Kindmums

To celebrate the Netmums’ United Kindmums Campaign we’ve asked a number of bloggers to share their stories of a random act of kindness that really made a difference to their lives. Today  we welcome Ella from Purple Mum who tells us about how a kindly act from her hairdresser set her on the road to recovery.


I first met my hairdresser in a hair emergency. I was 37 weeks pregnant and had been given the worst haircut of my life. My fringe was wonky and I literally looked as though I had been dragged through a hedge backwards. Knowing I couldn’t live with this haircut, preserved for prosperity on all my new baby photographs, I headed for the hairdresser. I chose a hairdresser I had found highly recommended on Netmums.

The hairdresser totally sorted out my barnet. I left feeling much better about my hair and intended to use the salon in future. I gave birth to my baby girl in May 2011 and got comments on how good my hair looked when I posted pictures on Facebook.

Unfortunately I developed Post Natal Depression months after her birth. I felt tired all the time, I was overwhelmed by caring for my children (I also have a three year old and a five year old) and suffered from low self-esteem. Eventually I became seriously unwell and was admitted to the mother and baby unit for mothers suffering from post natal illness.

I spent three months in the unit and as I write am still attending as a day patient. Once in the unit things got worse because I began to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. My first panic attack was in the middle of the night, I woke up in it. My heart was racing and I felt physically sick. The nurses calmed me down and gave me medication to help. I spent a lot of time feeling anxious, this is harder to describe, it felt like a constant feeling that things are not right and something bad is about to happen.

During this difficult time I didn’t care about my hair or my appearance in general. One of the nurses suggested that getting my hair cut might help me feel a little better. At this point I was willing to give anything a try so I booked an appointment with the same hairdresser as before.

I was very anxious about going to the salon. I was struggling to go out of the unit and unsure of how I would cope with the trip. The hairdresser was lovely she made me feel at ease and we chatted while she styled my hair. We started chatting about my blog, I love writing it and am always happy to chat about blogging.

She asked what I blog about and at that time the predominant topic on my blog was my struggle. I was unsure about being honest with her about this. It seems silly because I am so honest on my blog but telling someone in person is so much harder, I am embarrassed. However I didn’t want to lie so I told her the truth, and her reaction surprised me.

She told me that she has struggled herself with anxiety and panic attacks. That she hadn’t been able to leave the house and had been really unwell. I couldn’t believe that this confident person who is running her own business had struggled like me. Then she did something both surprising and wonderful. She said she would like to book me in for a free full body massage in her treatment room. She booked me in for the very next week.

I went along for my massage which was amazing. It really helped me to relax and I left the salon feeling like I was walking on air instead of dragging myself through treacle.

It amazed me that she had done this for me. There was nothing to gain from it for her. She restored my faith in humanity and inspired me to be a better person. I promised myself that should I be in a position to help someone then I would seize it and spread the love. I hope that after reading my story other people feel the same. So go on spread the kindness , it can make such a massive difference to someones life.

Purplemum of three blogs about all manner of topics. From parenting to post natal depression from pixies to cupcakes, no topic is off limits. Having spent ten years working as a circus artist she now has an aversion to lycra and a whole load of good stories. Pop over to read the blog and immerse yourself in her purple pixie populated world. (www.purplemum.com/@purpleella)

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3 Responses to United Kindmums – The day my hairdresser saved me.

  1. christine says:

    Its really nice to hear that there’s still kind people out there in the world. x

  2. I too have a hairdresser who saved me. We had booked a fancy photo shoot so that we could give my mother a family photo for her seventieth birthday. All the children had their hair cut and their clothes chosen, my husband has no hair so nothing needed there, but I had done nothing about myself. It wasn’t until dear friends pointed this out the day before the shoot that I realised that I had been avoiding it. Our baby died three years ago and I’d not had my hair cut since – I don’t know why really, but somehow I was holding on. Anyway, one friend booked me an appointment with her hairdresser and another friend came with me. I sat in the hairdressers chair and just started to sob – and the hairdresser who I had never met before just stroked my hair and trimmed it into shape, and blew dried it like I was her baby. No words – but a lot of understanding.

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