Blog of the Week – ‘Who is that Woman?’

For this weeks Blog of the Week we’ve chosen a post from The Highly Unlikely Housewife as we feel she’s not alone in asking the question – ‘Holy Guacamole – Who is that woman?’


Nothing like the honest words of a child to bring reality crashing through the front door with bells on!

To fully explain, I need to digress a little. My DH left yesterday for a 2 week work trip abroad leaving the 2 kidlets and I to fend for ourselves in the blustery Surrey countryside. I had to do a marathon cleaning session this morning which was actually an emergency mission…

After the cleaning ended, I sat down for a well-earned tea break. My girl kidlet is a little emotional due to Daddy’s departure and she is feeling a little sentimental, so, she asked if she could have a close look at my old photo’s that I have on display on the TV cabinet. I obliged, purely so that I could put my feet up for a further 15 minutes.

This is where the story actually begins…

She grabbed the biggest frame and gasped in awe, ‘oh Mummy… I didn’t know that Daddy was married to a princess!’. I did chuckle a little and waffled something about the fact that I had felt like a princess that day.

That was when it all went downhill…

She looked at me with a furrow in her brow and said ‘Huh? Were you there?’. I did tell her that the princess in the photo was me, but she was having none of it. Apparently it could not have been me because the princess didn’t have any lines on her face, she was nice and small (thin?) AND she was ‘simply beautiful’. Wow… Nice…

I have decided that time is rather cruel. I took quite a long stare in the mirror after our princess debate had ended. I can see her point really. There are lines that seem to have crept up on to my pillow at night and wiggled on to my face. My bottom seems to be in a race with my jaw line to see which can hit the south pole first.

I look a bit like a human Panda due to the rather alarming state of my under eye baggage. If I look at each and every body part and feature and then put them all together, the result is someone who I am not too sure I recognise! I have come to a realisation that perhaps a bit more effort is needed from me on a daily basis so that I can find a little bit of that princess again. A bit of concealer here, a few pairs of ‘curve enhancing’ big girl pants there and a big smile pasted on my face a little more often may just do the trick. I might not be the princess any more but I sure as hell don’t want to be mistaken for her ugly stepsister!

However, all was not lost at the end of the day. After a few hours of thinking boy kidlet did come and chat to me (in a very serious tone), ‘Mum, if Daddy is married to a princess, that means he isn’t married to you. So, is it OK if I marry you now? Because, I think you are pretty and I love your baking’.

And they all lived happily ever after…


If you’ve been feeling like you need to find the Woman behind the Mum too why not pop over to the Netmums Woman page where you can find advice on everything from beauty, style, health, happiness and relationships.

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2 Responses to Blog of the Week – ‘Who is that Woman?’

  1. christine says:

    I dont feel i belong to this group for a start my children are a lot older they are adults themselves now.

  2. acepuppets says:

    Love it – my son is starting to give me beauty tips. Although he is still at the stage where he identifies models and actresses as Mummy – he is either going to be a charmer or just cute!

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