Blog of the Week: Local Reviews. Join in to win a £50 Amazon voucher and help local Mums too!

For this week’s Blog of the Week we’ve chosen Super Mum, The Project. Rather than singling out a particular post that she wrote, what we want to do is introduce the fantastic idea that she has come up with which, in a nutshell, is encouraging others to do reviews of Netmums’ local listings.

Netmums Local Listings are full of great ideas for places to go in your area. If you haven’t visited before they are well worth a look so don’t forget to pop over for a browse of what’s on offer in your neighbourhood.

For March we’re concentrating on Soft Play Centres.

We’ve all been to them and we all know that some are better than others. What we’re hoping to do is be able to tell other local Mums which ones are the very best in their area.

Here’s how it works (for Bloggers):

– Go to your local listing in Netmums

– Choose a Soft Play Centre from the list

– Visit the facility and write up a review of it on your blog. (Don’t forget to tag it ‘Local Review’)

– Then simply add your review to the local listing so that all the other local mums can find it (and your blog!) too.

If you tweet the link of your review to Netmums we’ll retweet to all of our followers.

If you’re not a blogger we would still love to see your review. Simply follow the steps above and then post your review under the ‘review’ section on your Netmums Local Listings.

As an added incentive we will be featuring Soft Play in our April Newsletter AND we also have a £50 Amazon voucher to give away to our top 3 favourite reviews!

We’ll be giving bi-monthly prompts of which facilities we’re focusing on, and we hope that by joining in you can become a Local Review Expert that our members can come to know and trust.

We’ll be leaving a linky open on this post so we encourage you to link up your review (by clicking on the green Mr. Linky button below) so that you can be entered into the competition for the Amazon vouchers.

Netmums, and our members, can’t wait to read them all!

About The Netmums Blog

The Netmums Blog brings you a behind the scenes look at Netmums, as well as some fabulous guest bloggers and an up to date look at what's new on our Parent Bloggers Network.
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