You’re Beautiful – Meme

We haven’t joined in with a meme here on the Netmums Blog for a while and when we spotted the wonderful Jenny from Cheetah’s In My Shoes had one called ‘You’re Beautiful’ well we couldn’t help but jump in!

In her own words Jenny describes the meme as an opportunity ‘for you to link up pictures or posts about something that’s beautiful. A beautiful poem, something that your child has drawn or said, a photo of something that you think is beautiful (an iced cake, a pebble on the beach, your new boots) – whatever has made you think ‘awwwww’ or ‘wow’ or ‘that’s gorgeous’ or ‘how on earth does nature do that?’

Well we’ve been making a lot of those noises over the past week as we got our fabulous Netmums ‘Pinterest’ boards up and running.

We admit that we might be just a little bit addicted! So Pinterest – You’re Beautiful!

Thanks to Cheetah’s In My Shoes for letting us join in, and if you have a moment to stop by her own lovely post please do.

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1 Response to You’re Beautiful – Meme

  1. Gosh I love Pinterest! Such a shame that there is so much uncertainty around it at the moment. I hope they get the legalities clarified soon so we can pin away with no worries. Love Jenny and the Cheetahs too!

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