Week Two – One Born Every Minute #Pain

Last week we had great fun reading all the One Born Every Minute blogs about ‘Dads’ that were linked up to our blog.  When the programme aired on Channel 4 on Wednesday last week a stream of new blog posts and tweets came in. We were blown away by all the blog entries which described personal birth stories from a Dads perspective.

So this week we’d love you all to join in again. The theme is ‘Pain’ which we’re sure won’t be too difficult get started with! There are two ways to take part.


Write your birth story in the Netmums coffeehouse and you can easily upload a photo to your post too.


  • Add your blog to the Netmums Parent Bloggers Network
  • Write your blog post using the tag One Born Every Minute
  • Tweet a link to your blog to @C4OneBorn and @netmums using #oneborn #pain
  • Add a link to your blog post on the green ‘MisterLinky’ widget below

We’re also delighted to have one of the mothers from this weeks One Born Every Minute (Channel 4, 9pm Wednesday) writing exclusively for us here on the Netmums Blog. Heather Francesca describes her own positive birth experience ahead of Wednesday nights airing.


Heather Francesca here, we were lucky enough to feature on this series of ‘One Born Every Minute’ and I have been wanting to spread the word on my amazing experience of child birth, yes, thats right, I used the words ‘amazing’ and ‘child birth’ in the same sentence!  So here goes my story…..

My husband and I run a fashion and styling business called Daniel Francesca and have been running this for 10 years, as you would expect in business, its not easy and we have been constantly busy since day one. We never had time to consider a family of our own until the penny dropped in late 2010 when we realised that we are in control of our future!

We were told by doctors 3 years ago that it might be difficult to conceive as I don’t have a menstrual cycle, we had all the tests etc done and no-one could explain why I had no periods. My husband Danny and I were not worried and we remained positive and December 2010 we conceived. I went the first month without a clue that I was pregnant, then one day I just ‘knew’.

We wanted to take our positive attitude into my pregnancy, so the first thing we did was write a list of every single little thing that we were expectant for, from no morning sickness to maintaining a good sex life (the little things are important) hehe! We had 28 things on our list that we wanted to see happen and this was a great goal and test of mental strength not only for myself but in our relationship as future parents.

We found ourselves in the hands of our amazing midwife, Alison, who in amongst taking my temperature and blood pressure asked if we wanted to go on the One Born Every Minute show, ‘Yesssss please’ shouted Danny followed by ‘Hold on a minute’ from me – ‘I don’t want the world seeing my bits’. Alison then went on to explain that it is non invasive and that she thought we could help a lot of expectant mothers out there and show that there is another side to pregnancy that can be very pleasant, so we agreed and within a few days the producers were over at our house.

The last trimester was my favourite, knowing that as every day passed I was one step closer to meeting my little miracle. The week before the due date, the One Born Every Minute team came to do our interviews and it all suddenly became so real. I remained calm and relaxed about labour as my attitude towards pregnancy has worked so far so why should labour be any different?  Then the night of the 16th September the ‘twinging’ in my belly started, Danny packed the bags and got into his favourite outfit declaring ‘I’ve got to look good for tv’. As the night passed the contractions became more intense then at 8am the next morning we decided it was time to go in. I got my heels on, did my hair and make up and off we went!

We arrived at Leeds General Infirmary and were quickly miked up by the sound crew, we then headed up to the delivery suite to be greeted by several of the crew who at this point I considered extended family members. We met our midwife who had to have a double take at this women standing before her claiming to be in labour in heels with a full face of make up on. We then proceeded to the water birthing suite where I was examined and found that I was over 4cm dilated.

‘We are going to be mummy and daddy any time soon,’ I said to Danny. We knew that this was it and that everything we had hoped and prayed for over the previous 9 months was soon to become a reality. Although the cameras were in every corner of the room with so many crew members in the gallery watching I felt completely alone with Danny as if it were just us.  Then at 3.34 pm on September 17th 2011 (on her due date) I gave birth to my precious angel, Eivissa Cali Greig weighing 7lb 7oz, my labour was pain free and I didn’t require any drugs or gas and air which again was my wish from the beginning. Our attitude towards pregnancy and labour was one filled with positivity and a sense that if you believe something so much then that really can come true.

Looking back, it still brings me to tears thinking about the amazing wonder of childbirth. I am proud to be a woman and proud of all the other women out there that have been through or are about to go through this beautiful experience, I commend you and we all need to celebrate one another, no matter what the experience!

The message I want to share with all the expectant mums or the ones who are told that ‘they can’t’ have children is that often ‘positivity and knowing your own mind, can get you anything you want and not to let the fear of disappointment stop you from believing it can happen’.

Thanks for taking time out to read this!


You can see Heather’s birth story on full on One Born Every Minute, this Wednesday 11th at 9pm on Channel 4.

Heather also blogs at http://www.heatherfrancesca.wordpress.com/

Read more about adding your birth story to Netmums or taking part in the Netmums Blog ‘linky’ together with Channel 4 and One Born Every Minute

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13 Responses to Week Two – One Born Every Minute #Pain

  1. Loving this series. Just put mine up x

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  3. Blue Sky says:

    Well that was cathartic! I’ve been burying this story for ten years, it feels good to get it out there x

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  5. bubbablue says:

    Have added mine. It’s great to read all the different experiences

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  8. Just as the show starts – but here’s mine! http://bit.ly/wvB1Lx

  9. emma says:

    wow – what always gets me is how different it is each time. My three deliveries were each so different.

  10. I though you were absolutely amazing during childbirth. When I saw the trailor the week before I thought “she’s in for a shock – an outfit for labour!” The pair of you were so lovely I am feeling teary writing this. Wishing you and your little family all the luck in the world xxx

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  13. This was an amazing read. It enchanted me, which is
    very rare, and I can not wawit to find out what will come next.

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