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As the Team Netmums kids are snaking back to school this week (and next) are thoughts are turning to the new year ahead of us.  Many of the team have spent too much, eaten too much, drunk too much and our houses are organised chaos resembling a toy shop after the festive period.

Some of the team are anti-new year resolutions and others have made a list they are absolutely planning to stick to this year (like last year, and the year before…!). Between us we are vowing to lose weight, shape up, spend less, spend more time as a family, be organised, get the house in order and start new hobbies or learn new skills. We’ve put together a list of Realistic Resolutions over on the Netmums site with the help of our members with some great ideas for achievable resolutions and help for making them happen.

Lots of our members have joined our Frugal Living Club post in the Coffeehouse, it’s a thread that was started way back in 2008 and is still going strong – we were gobsmacked to see it’s now had 1,007,125 views.

Here on Team Netmums we are planning our New Year Revolutions.

Surely we mean resolutions?

Well no, we don’t actually. Resolutions are there to be broken and then they make you feel bad. The typical – ‘I’m going to stop drinking except on my birthday’ or ‘I’m going to lose 2 stone by March’ never really come off do they? And what are we then left with?
Guilt. Which as any mum knows is the last thing that we need any more of.

So this year we thought we’d use the New Year to push the resolutions aside and revolutionise our lives instead.


Through the little things. Gentle mind shifts and new ideas.

We’ll be sharing some fabulous posts next week which we’ve put together from some well known happy faces in the blogging community. We’ll be talking new starts, reasons to be cheerful, taking up blogging and much more on our week-long New Year Revolution on the Netmums Blog.

We hope you’ll join us.

Remember: New Year \ New You!


Find out more about realistic resolutions here.

If you can’t wait until next week to start revolutionising your life, think of the little things that make you and your family happy and make those a focus and a starting point.

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6 Responses to Team Netmums Blog – New Year Revolutions

  1. Mrs W says:

    Happy New Year netmums. I have not made any resolutions this year and just intend to enjoy it rather than plan it.

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