2011 – Netmums: A year in the life…

We have come to the end of another year.  Traditionally it is a time to look back and reflect and to make New Year’s resolutions for the year ahead. And who are we to shirk tradition?

2011 has been an amazing year for Netmums with some exciting and big changes.

The biggest for the team (but less noticeable for our members) is that we have lovely new European owners auFeminine.  A move that has secured our future so hopefully Netmums will still be here helping mums when our own daughters become mothers.

2011 was the year of our Real Parenting campaign, with some amazing high profile supporters and the key message being that mums should not feel the pressure to be perfect.  There was an almost audible sigh of relief as mums up and down the country came on board and talked honestly and openly about what it is like being a parent in 2011.

It was also the year we reached a million unique members and threw virtual parties to celebrate.  We really do think you are all one in a million (well actually a lot more than a million now) as we know that our Netmums members make the site what it is.  As we partied we also trended twice on Twitter, which was another big highlight.  In November we had 3 million unique users – the most ever!  We trended on Twitter again in the UK and worldwide during our Christmas Twitter party and had such fun!  Thanks to the party guests (especially those who baked virtual cakes with files in to try to get us out of Twitter Jail where we were sent 5 mins before the end of the party!).

There was another big change (which was unintentionally more noticeable than planned – ahem!) as we went through a huge site upgrade in September.  After we’d ironed out the inevitable teething problems we now have a super speedy, robust and all-singing and all dancing site whilst still remaining the Netmums we all know and love. Our newsletters have had a fresh new look and the site has had a good spring clean making it so much easier to navigate.

We launched the Parent Bloggers Network, a unique platform to bring parent blogs together in one place, make it easy to read them and to encourage those new to blogging to get started. We’ve signed up almost 1,500 parent bloggers to date and have exciting things planned for the network in 2012.

The launch of Parent Bloggers Network made us rethink our Netmums blog that was running over on the Netmums site and we decided to create this brand new standalone blog in August. We’ve loved running our special ‘weeks’ with guest bloggers and would like to thank everyone who has blogged for us this year and those that are already lined up for 2012.

Our final new launch of the year was Netmums Woman, a brand new area of the Netmums site designed to provide inspiration for ‘the woman behind the mum’.  We loved seeing the creative and inspiring 1,300 photos that our members sent in for our photo comp asking for images that showed the ‘woman behind the mum’.

Netmums wouldn’t be Netmums without our Team of 67 mums (and two dads), all working from their homes up and down the UK – from Orkney to Penzance and everywhere in between.  And it’s been a hell of a year for Team Netmums too.

In 2011 there have been

3 babies born on Team Netmums

1 Netmums wedding (in the US of A no less!) – forget Kate and Will as this was our team’s special celebratory day!

1 Netmums engagement

7 mini Team Netmums starting ‘big school’ (and therefore 7 Team Netmums staff proudly waving them off and wiping tears away as a new chapter begins)

5 of Team Netmums moving house

5 of Team Netmums at Take That gigs

1 member of the Team nominated to carry the Olympic torch

1 of the mini team Netmums went through a big operation (and we all supported her mum through the worry)

3 of us had ‘significant’ Birthdays and partied as if we were ten years younger

1 member of the team did her first Eskimo roll in a kayak

In 1 Team Netmums household 6 guide dog puppies were born!

Siobhan celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary in Paris – complete with a posh meal in a top restaurant (which she later described as being a bit like a Bushtucker Trial!) and a hopelessly romantic gift from her hubby

Visits to Downing Street and several appearances on the Daybreak and This Morning Sofa.  3 of the mini Team Netmums have also starred on TV in CBBC or Cbeebies programmes and some have made it to the pages of their local press.

Between us we have flown, driven, trained it or bussed it to France, Minorca, Italy, Florida, Canada, Egypt, Canaries, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxumberg, California, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales.

And 1 of the team stated a highlight as seeing ‘the George Michael public loo’ (No – we didn’t ask further questions either!)

We can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!

Happy New Year everyone – we’d love to hear what your 2011 highlights were.

About The Netmums Blog

The Netmums Blog brings you a behind the scenes look at Netmums, as well as some fabulous guest bloggers and an up to date look at what's new on our Parent Bloggers Network.
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3 Responses to 2011 – Netmums: A year in the life…

  1. Vic kernan says:

    2011 has been the best year for me, my beautiful daughter Abbie was born at the end of July and life has not been the same. She is a joy and a very funny and happy little girl.

  2. Sounds liek a fabulous year, so nice to hear about the people behind a big site this this. Happy 2012.

    Mich x

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