Twas Christmas Eve…

We’re almost there! Tomorrow will be Christmas Eve and the children will open the last window on their advent calendar.  Brightly (or hurriedly?) wrapped gifts will be placed under the tree, mince pies and a sherry (or Baileys perhaps?) will be left for Santa on the mantlepiece and the stockings will be hung.

Before we all settle down for the night many of us on Team Netmums have  Christmas Eve traditions – whether it be a trip to the panto (oh yes it is) or a trip to the local ‘Winter Wonderland’ ice rink, going to a Watchnight carol service or enjoying  a special family get together or Christmas Eve meal.

Christmas Eve can almost feel more magical then Christmas Day itself. There is the  tingling anticipation of the day that lies ahead.

Many of the team put a lot of effort into making this night  a magical one.  Christmas Eve hampers are given out – containing  typically a new pair of ‘jamas, Christmassy activity books, a Christmassy DVD, ‘magic sweets’ to help them sleep and some reindeer

Sprinkling the reindeer dust

dust (made from oats and glitter packaged in cellophane to sprinkle on the step so the reindeer know where to land).  In Donna’s house they also set off lanterns so that Santa knows where to find their house.

Stockings are hung and in Team Netmums homes they range from Dad’s old socks to handmade large stockings to pillow cases that can take bigger gifts from Old Nick himself.  Many of us get the children to hang stockings in the lounge to avoid being caught filling them with rustling gifts before we collapse into bed.

Many of the team put such effort into creating traces that Santa has indeed been to visit.  Donna left a horribly squashed parcel in the lounge last year with reindeer prints all over it and  a message from Santa saying Rudolph had trampled it.  Others leave muddy footprints over the floor, sprinkled with glitter, some write Thank you notes to the children for Santa’s drink and snack.

For those on the team with younger children the focus is on keeping them calm enough to go to bed and go to sleep.  Once they are eventually tucked up there is a sigh of relief and a chance to grab a bit of time to relax and an early bed before the (very ) early start and the exciting but long day ahead.

We hope you all have a magical Christmas Eve and wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

From all at Team Netmums


Find out more Christmas Eve traditions and ideas of how to make the night special here. And find out here how to track Santa as he makes his journey across the world to deliver all the presents.

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1 Response to Twas Christmas Eve…

  1. It’s my birthday tomorrow, so my Christmas Eve is tonight, I have everything ready to rock and roll so tomorrow I can have a lovely peaceful day with the kids. I like going into town and people watch, there is something quite surreal watching all the madness of people rushing round getting their last items whilst I sit in comfort and serenity… Merry Christmas everyone.

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