One Born Every Minute – Calling All Bloggers!

The Channel 4 hit programme One Born Every Minute is back and this time the action takes place in Leeds. Channel 4 have been in touch with us and would love to get bloggers in the Netmums Parent Bloggers Network involved in the unique television experience that One Born brings, with its celebration of the miracle of birth in all its forms.

The first episode which airs on Channel 4 on 4th January at 9pm follows the stories of two dads, both of whom desperately want to be there for the birth of their babies. But will circumstances conspire against them?

There will be an army dad who is about to leave for Afghanistan. His partner is being induced, but time is ticking away – will the baby arrive before he has to leave? There’s also a dad who has turned around his ‘bad lad’ ways so he can set an example for his son, and wants to be there when he’s born. When complications arise during labour his partner must go to theatre – but there’s only room for one other person..she has to choose between her own mother and her partner. Will the dad see his son being born?

Following the theme of fatherhood, this week’s blog prompt is DADS.

So how do you get involved?

Write your blog post, tweet it out with the hashtag #oneborn #dads copying in the @C4OneBorn and @netmums for a re-tweet and share your take on fatherhood. Netmums Blog will be running a linky each week where you can link up your posts to – so be sure to come back for each of the themes. (Sneak peek at week 2 – ‘pain’!)

We will also be signposting Parent Bloggers Network in our weekly netmums newsletter too so you’ll get the chance for your post to be viewed by our one million Netmums members.

For the first #dads prompt you might think about:

Was the father of your baby at the birth of your child?

Do you think dads should be there or would you prefer a female birth partner?

If you’re a dad what was it like…what’s your birth story?

Did your relationship with your own father have any bearing about how you felt at the birth?

Have you had a similar experience to the dads in One Born? A parent in the forces, or having to choose who to bring with you to theatre?

Linky details

On Sunday 1st Jan Netmums will be putting up a new One Born Every Minute blog post with a linky at the bottom. The linky will be open all week so when you’ve written your post all you need to do is come on over and link it up!

Feel free to tweet your link at any time and make sure you re-tweet on Weds 4 Jan when the first show airs!

Don’t forget to spread the word about One Born in your post too: One Born Every Minute is on Wednesday nights from 4th Jan, 9pm, Channel 4 and available online at


The Netmums team are really looking forward to reading all the One Born Every Minute blogs streaming into the Parent Bloggers Network and we’ll be signposting our members to it from our weekly newsletter in January – so don’t miss this great opportunity to get your blog seen by our one million Netmums members!


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16 Responses to One Born Every Minute – Calling All Bloggers!

  1. I’m in! Looking forward to it 🙂

  2. Fabulous! We’re looking forward to reading them all 🙂

  3. Great! me and my partner are on the first showing 🙂 x

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  5. Kate Takes 5 says:

    How exciting! We’ll all be watching 🙂

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  10. alex says:

    I had my little girl at the LGI 16 weeks early so I would like t thank all the staff for everything they have done x

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  12. First time watching, and loved every second of it. Can`t wait for next weeks already, put the reminder on. Best show this year by far.

  13. Katie Gething says:

    Can’t wait 🙂

  14. Irene says:

    Have not missed even one episode, this weeks was emotional, with Natalie and Anthony ( the hair dresses)

  15. Maggie Davidson says:

    We just wondered if Julia and Dean have had their second baby, i have loved every one of the shows and go to bed shatted, feeling i have given birth everytime. Maggie D

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