Team Netmums Blog – Coffee, Cake and Kninkles

Yesterday Team Netmums all came together for a virtual coffee morning in aid of Macmillan – supporting the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning that takes place today.

Editor-in-chief Cathy and co-founder Sally hosted it in the Netmums office, where they had a table full of delicious home-made cakes, which they sold to other businesses in the shared office space. The rest of Team Netmums from all around the UK joined in a virtual coffee morning via Skype and in our online staff room – ‘the pub’.

Cathy's cupcakes

Cathy's cupcakes

Skype’s video calling feature buckled under the pressure of so many Netmums joining in at once, meaning that we all cracked up during the event – both in terms of the technology breaking up on us and as we all giggled our way through an hour of distorted and interrupted chat. One nameless member of staff spent ages complaining about the technology and how her video feed was black until she realised she’d left the lens cover on her web cam!

A few of the team on Skype

Netmums co-founder Siobhan popped up for a moment on Skype with her sunglasses on as she was in ‘work from home’ mode and make-up free.  She shared the gossip that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were splitting up which led to chat about toy boys and fear of ‘kninkles’ (knee-wrinkles).  Jacqui from the team then piped up that she was surrounded by ripening trombone fruit,

Jacqui's trombone fruit

which made the talk veer off on another tangent entirely!  All in all it was an entertaining and quite different coffee morning and a welcome break from a busy week where we have all been working hard to get the new site ironed out.

Thanks to the stream of office workers who were lured in to buy cake, we were delighted to make over £100 for Macmillan.

As we all work from home and work remotely it was so nice to catch up and say ‘hello’. Lots of us will be catching up in person for our annual Netmums staff jaunt to Derbyshire this weekend. Talking shop is banned, it’s a purely social weekend away and anyone who mentions the N word will be putting a £1 in the Netmums Swear jar that will also be donated to Macmillan!

Elsewhere on Netmums the chat from our members has centred round the taboo parenting subject of whether you would admit to having a favourite child, whether town or country is the best place to bring up children and whether we embarrass our children by trying to get ‘down with the kids’.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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The Netmums Blog brings you a behind the scenes look at Netmums, as well as some fabulous guest bloggers and an up to date look at what's new on our Parent Bloggers Network.
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