The top 5 celebs Team Netmums would like to go for a beer with

Team Netmums thought we’d have a bit of fun this week joining in with the ‘memes’ that go on in the parenting blogosphere whilst waiting for our main site maintenance to finish. We have to admit here that we didn’t know what meme’s where until recently – according to our blogspert Kate they are blog post themes that allow other bloggers to join in and link their own related post to. Usually they are run weekly and can range from the sublime to the ridiculous and two of the most famous parent blogging memes are Sticky Fingers’ The Gallery and Mocha Beanie Mummy’s Silent Sunday (both photo memes) but there are lots of other types too.

When we posted up our first go at a meme on Sunday to join in with the Silent Sunday meme (you post a picture with no words) we thought it would be fun to post up our ‘Netmums at Work’ holding page whilst our techies worked hard behind the scenes to sort out our scheduled maintenance upgrade. Unfortunately that came back to bite us on the bum as our site maintenance went on a bit longer than we’d planned but we’re almost done ironing out the bugs – phew! A big heartfelt sorry to anyone who was having issues – we think we’re almost all sorted now.

Anyway back to meme’s, whilst the techies were pulling all nighters fuelled on Red Bull and eggs (don’t ask) we thought it would be fun to take part in the Kate Takes 5’s Listography meme. We love seeing all the memes filtering into the Parent Bloggers Network homepage and thought it really was about time Team Netmums took part. So here is our second bash at a meme.

Nicky from Netmums - already in the pub with her chosen celeb Justin Lee-Collins

This week the KateTakes5 listography theme is ‘Top 5 celebrities you would like to go for a beer with’.  Coming up with a list of the top 5 that the whole Netmums Team agreed on was nigh on impossible.  So many names were put forward (each with their own, often highly debated justifications). The only names that got any sort of consensus were as follows:

1. Miranda– this was almost unanimous (well – except for the few people who really didn’t have a clue who she was and had to be prompted by pictures, but then were still no wiser).  Brilliant to have a women at the top of the list and that so many of us wanted to share a beer with someone who would really make us laugh.  Other women who were in the mix for a good girly night out were Holly Willoughby, Lorraine Kelly and the Queen (do you think she would bring a purse though)?

2.  Peter Kay  – many comedians made the shortlist.  We are not sure if that was a reflection of how much we all just needed a really good belly laugh just now!  Other popular suggestions were Dave Gorman, Russell Brand, Russell Howard, Michael Mcintyre and Justin lee Collins.

3.  Gary Barlow – (although some dispute here over whether it should be Robbie or Mark Owen).  Whatever – we want one of Take That sitting across from us in a cosy bar…they could even sing to us….or just sit quietly…all we require is their presence.  Having said that some other singers made the shortlist ranging from Prince to Bob Geldof to Bowie and Ollie Murs.

4.  Carla from Corrie – this one made the list as a top girl crush.  It seems we (well Siobhan and head of sales Nikki) admire her and her feistiness as she graces the cobbles of Weatherfield.

5.  Aragorn – a few fictional on-screen characters made the list but this one got hearty agreement.  Other leading men who could happily buy us a pint included Ewan McGregor, Colin Firth and Sean Bean. Then there began a bit of a kerfuffle over who would get to sit next to him….It’s been a long day!

And so there you have it our top 5 – sort of – it’s been fun arguing the toss.  If you want to join in with Listography see the KateTakes5 blog here.  So do you agree with our list or have we missed someone obvious?

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3 Responses to The top 5 celebs Team Netmums would like to go for a beer with

  1. Kate Takes 5 says:

    Ah so thrilled you joined in!! Did you know that Siobhan used to have a picture of Bowie by her bed that she’d kiss goodnight to every night? DIdn’t think so. I thought that first picture was Jeff Bridges at first – someone I had totally missed off my own list… Hmm may even have to make an amendment! Great post. x

  2. Thats great. Hmph, mine would be Stephin Merritt.

    See my slightly alternative blog, time out for mothers, and i am working on yay!
    May not be to everyones taste but I am a young,married mother of 2 very sweet girls and I focus on all things hip!
    R x

  3. Yes please replace Gary with Robbie. Peter Kay is a must, great choice

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