What’s been going on behind the scenes this week and shhh..don’t mention the C-word

As our children are settling into their new schools, or getting to know this years teachers at their old schools, we’re grateful to get back into our routines too. As Autumn begins, we’re sad to be packing away our flipflops and digging out our winter boots but secretly pleased that last years coats still seem to fit and we’re rediscovering the time-saving joys of opaque tights (rendering a date with the razor unnecessary).

Stepping into autumn

After all the chat on our coffeehouse and behind the scenes last week about how many shoes we all own after a poll revealed the average woman has 39 pairs in her wardrobe, Netmums co-founder Siobhan Freegard has revealed that her 5 pairs felt grossly inadequate and she would like to adjust her total to include the 3 pairs she added to her (paltry) collection this week!

As well as an autumn spruce-up for our wardrobes, we’ve been busy giving the Netmums site a little autumn tidy up and upgrade behind the scenes. Don’t worry – it won’t mean a massive difference to the way the site is set up – everything will just look and work much better.  We’ll keep you posted and here’s advance warning that we’ll be offline for 24 hours on Saturday 24th September but back with you on 25th September – so don’t go anywhere!

This week Netmums have been telling us their weird phobias.  In a brilliantly readable thread almost 200 of you shared the unusual things that make your toes curl.  The world around us can be a scary place it seems as the list included:  dirty potatoes, sleeping bags, electricity pylons, sponges, baked beans, fuzzy felt, pan scourers and edges.  One of the most common phobias was feet.  When threads like this catch our eye the staff often chat about them too in our virtual staffroom and if you want to know how to get Team Netmums running for the hills hit them with any of the following:  belly buttons, poached salmon covered in cucumber scales, coins and Tupperware boxes.

A news report that parents could be banned from finding out the sex of their baby due to a European ruling caused a buzz on the site and on our Facebook and Twitter pages too.  This one really divided opinion and brought forward some strong views.  You can read more here.  You’ve also been discussing …whether you bribe your child, and British family life in crisis as we give our children too much stuff. Siobhan was also on the airwaves this week, joining a discussion on Radio 5 Live on whether women can have it all.  Katy Hill’s tweet in response summed up the general consensus:

“Katy Hill @Netmums GO SIOBHAN! … NO you can’t have it all! You can try but you’re only fooling yourself! x”

Over on our Facebook page people were reminiscing about ‘forgotten foods’ such as Pacers and Creamola Foam.  Some were so forgotten that Team Netmums have never heard of them (or perhaps wiped them from our memories).  Do you remember Secret bars, Fiendish Feet yoghurts and chocolate favoured carrots?

Mince pies are on the shelves in Tescos already and one of the mini Netmums Team

99 days til Christmas (shhh)

spotted chocolate advent calendars in the supermarket (‘Oooh…Mummy.  Can we get one?  Is it Christmas really soon?’) and even though there are three months to go (99 days if anyone’s counting) the Christmas chat started ages ago. Although Team Netmums are busy thinking about Christmas ideas and competitions for the site, in reality most of us just don’t want to think about it in real life. One of our team did pipe up and admit she bought all her Christmas cards in January in the sales and has been squirrelling presents away quietly throughout the year…whilst another wished advent calendars ran from October so she could enjoy the build up even more.  What do you think? Bring on the baubles or ‘shhh…don’t utter the C-word’?

Finally here’s our  favourite Coffee House thread of the week that was posted by new dad Phil R entitled IMADAD IMADAD IMADAD IMADAD it simply read, “Unashamedly posting a boast here, my wife gave birth to our first LO this morning, a week early, healthy baby boy and i just need to tell everyone or i’ll burst DW was a super star and i think this is without doubt the single most emotional event of my life to date .” Isn’t that lovely!

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