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And another summer bites the dust by Mymumdom

Our Blog of the Week is from Mymumdom and is all about the end of summer and the start of the new school year.  We thought it captured well how many mums will be feeling as another school year begins. … Continue reading

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Back to School by Sarah Ebner

Back to school can mean different things to different members of the family. For the children (as you may remember from your own school days) it’s probably all negative, heralding the end of the holidays and freedom. But to the … Continue reading

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Craft Week – Making Wishing Trees

Craft Week – Making Wishing Trees This is a lovely activity which me and my two girls enjoyed the other day.  We found some fallen branches in the garden and we decided to decorate them.  Armed with old jewellery (collected … Continue reading

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Craft Week: A recap, plus a very special project.

Netmums are so thrilled with all the fabulous guest posts that we featured for Craft Week and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated. In case you missed any of the posts we’ve done a … Continue reading

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Craft Week: Displaying Children’s Artwork by Artful Adventures

Craft Week Day Five: Displaying Children’s Artwork By Jude from Artful Adventures How many times have you heard someone say about a piece of contemporary artwork: “my 3 year old could do that”. Of course it’s a cliche, but if a child’s … Continue reading

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Craft Week: Touchy Feely Books by RedTedArt

Day Four Craft Week – Touchy Feely Books by Maggie from RedTedArt Hello  hello! I am so excited to be visiting Netmums and guest posting for you in this week full of crafty fun! My name is Maggy and I … Continue reading

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Craft Week: Optical Illusion by Science Sparks

Day Three Craft Week – Optical Illusion by Emma and Kerry from Science Sparks This optical illusion lets you turn two pictures into one! What you need: white cardboard pencils and colouring pens scissors glue/sellotape Instructions Cut out two circles … Continue reading

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